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Hair Colours that Suit Pale Skin

Updated on January 30, 2015
Cate Blanchett with light blonde hair and dangle earrings
Cate Blanchett with light blonde hair and dangle earrings

What hair colours suit pale skin?

If you have a fair complexion and are looking specifically for the best hair color for pale skin, this hub will provide you with advice.

Since hair colour is often permanent after you tint it, you want to make sure you have made the right choice at the outset.

Hair colours that suit pale skin the most fall into three categories: very light, very bright, or very dark.

This is because pale skin, though it is very light itself, is visually intense. So you want a hair colour that can match the intensity that your skin provides.

Cate Blanchett with light blonde hair, pale skn, and a silver dress
Cate Blanchett with light blonde hair, pale skn, and a silver dress
Nicole Kidman with auburn hair
Nicole Kidman with auburn hair
Zooey Deschanel with dark hair
Zooey Deschanel with dark hair

Very Light

Cate Blanchett sports a light blonde colour next to her pale skin. You might go for her colour or consider how beautiful you might look with platinum blonde hair.

Cate's hair colour suits pale skin because the match provides a light reflecting pairing that is striking to the eye.

If you want to try this look, you should be able to safely attain a blonde colour from a box kit as long as your hair is no darker than light brown. To get Cate's colour, look for hair dyes labeled "light golden blonde."

If you do it at home this way, it will be much less expensive and single processed. If you are nervous, perform a swatch tinting first, and then see if you like the results.

Very Bright

Nicole Kidman was most noted for her beautiful red hair. She has since become a blonde, but red was her most flattering look.

Red suits pale skin very well because the brightness of the hair colour sets off light facial colours and draws attention to them.

If you would like to try this colour, stick to tints labeled as "light auburn" or "medium auburn." These colours closely provide both the depth and brightness of Nicole's hair colour pictured on the right.

Very Dark

Actress Zooey Deschanel sports her very light skin with her naturally dark hair. This pairing is attractive because opposite colours are being reflected in close proximity to each other.

Most women will be able to achieve this hair colour easily as dark dyes take to most hair natural hair colours.

If you would like a colour like Zooey's, look for boxes labeled, "darkest brown" or "dark chestnut brown."

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