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Hair Cuts - How to Cut Hair at Home and Save Money

Updated on August 2, 2017
Dolores Monet profile image

Member of a large budget conscious family, Dolores shares tips on how to save money on home projects, cooking, and home haircuts.

A Basic Hair Cut for Men (or Boys)

Cut hair at home and save money by learning a few simple techniques of hair cutting.

I was sick and tired of spending $20.00 on a hair cut and coming out looking like hell. I'd take my kids to the Hair Butchery and when they came out, I wanted to cry. How could they make my beautiful children look so terrible? So, I decided to learn to cut hair myself.

I was my own guinea pig. The first time I cut my own hair, I received compliments galore! Now, I cut everybodys' hair. And they like the hair cuts!

So, the other day, when my son, Ajax, decided he was sick of the Sterling Holloway look, I decided to write a Hub about it.

Follow me through a basic haircut, a short cut on a curly haired young man. You can modify this same technique for different lengths on men and women.

Hair cut - before

Looks like someone needs a hair cut
Looks like someone needs a hair cut | Source

Hair Cut - Male Hair Cut With Scissors and Clippers

Assemble materials - sharp scissors, electic razor, comb.

Decide on hair style and length. Ajax wanted it short.

Dampen hair slightly.

How to Cut Hair

Begin the haircut above the forehead, dividing hair into sections, moving around the top of the head, following the cut lines in the illustrations. Keep the sections small and don't cut off too much. If he wants it shorter, you can always cut off more.

Make sure that you cut the sections evenly. You can gauge the cut length by lifting a piece of already cut hair to measure against.

Scissor cut in horizontal lines at the top of the head and vertical lines around the back and side.

Scissor cut the shorter hair on the lower portion of the head.

Begin at the front of the head, gather a section angled from front to back

(photo by John Deamond)
(photo by John Deamond)

Snip carefull along the section

(photo by John Deamond)
(photo by John Deamond)

Move around the head, pulling up and cutting small sections

(photo by John Deamond)
(photo by John Deamond)

Have the 'client' move his head so that you can easily reach the section you want to cut at the proper angle

(photo by John Deamond)
(photo by John Deamond)

Cut side hair in vertical sections

(photo by John Deamond)
(photo by John Deamond)

Scissor cut the back before you use the clippers

(photo by John Deamond)
(photo by John Deamond)

Hair Cut - Now for the Clippers

Comb the longer top hair out of the way. Secure. Hair should be completely dry.

Make sure that you have read all the instructions that come with the clippers. This will tell you how to make the proper adjustments for the length that you want. The number set on the guide attachment will determine the length of the hair.

Cut hair off in an upward, scooping motion as shown in the photograph.

Clean hair out of the clipper frequently by using a small brush or blow it out.

Bend his ear to trim above the ear.

Remove the guide to trim the bottom edge in back and the sideburns so that it's nice and straight.

Pull the longer, top hair out of the way

(photo by John Deamond)
(photo by John Deamond)

Start at the bottom and work toward the top in a scooping motion

(photo by John Deamond)
(photo by John Deamond)

Neatly trim the bottom edge. Take the gude off the clipper.Make sure you get it straight!

(photo by John Deamond)
(photo by John Deamond)

Hair cut - bend his ear to neatly trim the hair above the ear

(photo by John Deamond)
(photo by John Deamond)

Hair cut - all done and doesn't he look happy and handsome too!

How to Cut a Child's Hair


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