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New Hair "Due"

Updated on October 5, 2009

Overdue for a New Do

I sat in a stylist's chair for the first time in 10 years. I've been relaxing, shampooing, conditioning, and styling my hair and felt it was time to get a professional touch. A friend on Facebook who I had met years ago at a beauty conference caught my attention when she sent her phone number in reply.

Unmanageable Frizz

Washing and styling has been no problem and my hair looked lke its been professionally done afterwards. Putting in the relaxer has been challinging the last four times I've done it. The texture of my hair has not been as smooth and with the least little perspiration my sweat would strip the relaxer. That means my hair would convert to a tight unmanageable frizz. I've pumped up my exercise program and that adds to the amount of sweating I expel daily.

Each morning it takes more time to curl and style my hair. The curling iron doesn't seem to get hot enough for my tight frizzy hair. Even though the curling iron dail was set at 20, the hair was not responding to the heat. Instead the hair fused together. Yes, my hair was due for a new do.

I relaxed my hair six weeks ago and three weeks afterwards my hair needed another relaxer. I felt as though I had a skull cap on. Three weeks after a relaxer is too soon to do it again. So, the past three weeks has been hard on me as well as my hair. This led me to search for a stylist.

No Stylist for Ten Years

There were a number of reaons why I refused to go to a stylist in the past ten years: Typically, I spent 3-4 hours at a salon, stylists would over book to increase their earnings, a strong relaxer which burned my scalp was used, the sylist's hair was not groomed - the last one i went to wore can she style hair when she didn't take time to style her own? .Rule of thumb: If the stylist doesn't care about their hair to use it as a beauty showcase and indicator of how well she can style, then that's not the stylist you want.

Like My New Do

Do I like my new stylist and hairdo? Yes, she enjoys what she does and knows how to treat my hair texture. I will be going back to her for relaxers and will recommend her service to others.


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