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10 Reasons You're Losing Hair

Updated on November 21, 2016
Preserve your crowning glory
Preserve your crowning glory

Why are we losing our hair?

Hair loss (also known as alopecia) can be experienced at every age but it becomes a significant issue as a person ages. This then becomes a big concern for men and women alike because looking youthful is often tied to having a full head of healthy hair. Before searching for a solution you should find out the reasons. Here are the are common culprits for your hair loss problems

1. Stress

Stress can bring about hormonal imbalances which in turn affect the growth cycle of your hair. If you are experiencing a lot of stress in your life right now, any remedy to solve your hair problem might be futile if you do not resolve the root cause of your stress. Take note of the day to day problem that is bothering you right now, is there pressure from work, family, or another aspect of your life that is giving you reason to frown and have a lot of sleepless nights? Are you unnecesarily worried about certain events in your life? Take inventory of things like these and it would help you find ways to solve them before zeroing on your hair fall problem.

Our modern life can bring on many stresses to us that you might not even be aware that your body is already undergoing such and could lead to your hair concerns. By finding out the reasons why you are stressed, you might be able to find the perfect solution to your hair loss - managing your stress level effectively! As long as stress is present, solving your hair concerns might be harder than you think. Take stock of your stress before you solve the problem of your tress!

2. Prescription medicine

Certain medicines affect the normal growth of a person's hair. Others contain chemical components that could affect hair growth and how hair grows. Some medicines you take can ultimately affect and cause hair loss in some individuals. Find out what medicines you are taking and try to do little research by asking your family doctor if a part of it's side effect is thinning or losing hair.

Cancer patients often suffer baldness due to the effects of chemotherapy. There are many medications that cause hair loss but the severity depends on your sensitivity, the dosage and the length of time that you have been exposed to a specific drug. If there are other alternative health treatment for your underlying illness without suffering hair loss (as a side effect) you might want to consider those options.

You have a choice to a more natural and healthier haircare product

3. Harsh hair products

Most shampoos, conditioners and variety of hair products contain harmful chemical that can mess up the normal acid-alkaline balance of your scalp and this ultimately affects how your hair grows and how they appear. Other products have ingredients that irritate the scalp leading to excess build up of dead cells and further leading to hair loss and slow hair growth. It is best to be wary and lookout for these products.

Today's technology has made possible the creation of products that not only contain natural ingredients but also promote better hair growth without harming your hair. There are a lot of companies that stay true to their promise without breaking your beauty budget and NuSkin is one of them.

4. Improper hair cleaning habits

There is a proper way to clean your hair without damaging the hair folicles and without drying your scalp. Make sure to thoroughly wash up shampoo from your hair. When the scalp is not rid of all the shampoo and other substances, remains of such can block the hair particles and prevent the hair from breathing, thus causing hair fall as one result.

5. Weather and changing temperatures

You hair's strength can also be affected by the weather and temperature changes. The sudden change in temperature can affect the growth phases of one's hair so you might want to check out first if this is the major reason why you are experiencing hair loss.

Did you know that in ancient Indians belief that hair is connected to the environment and serves as human antenna? This is why they do not cut their hair. Whether you believe this folk belief or not it is an interesting thing to ponder because indeed, our outside environment affects how our hair grows and behaves in a weird way.

6. Heredity

Genetics determine that if your folks have have bald spots early on, you are a great candidate for one as well. In this case, not so much can be done to reverse this fact.

7. Lack of vitamins which promotes hair growth.

If a person suffers from less or non-intake of needed minerals and vitamins allowing for healthy hair growth may also suffer hair fall. It is therefore important to get as much as needed of said minerals (Vitamin A, E) from natural food sources. Nothing beats getting all these nutrients from natural food like fruits and vegetables. Healthy food supplements can only do so much. So try to increase your intake of the health food instead of relying on food supplements.

8. Hormonal imbalance.

Changes in the body hormones can also cause hair loss problems especially for women. Hence, it is no surprising that women suffer occasional hair loss during or after pregnancy and then menopause. This occurrences may not be helped at all though some doctors can prescribe medicines to help regulate these hormonal imbalance.

9. Compulsive hair pulling habit

Some people may not be aware that they have a condition of hair pulling. If this has become a habit, it would be more difficult to change it but you may have to expect baldness to set in soon. There might be an underlying psychological reason for hair-pulling and it is best to consult a specialist to find out the best remedy to stop this habit.

10. Diet

What you eat and other things you put into your body can also directly affect how your mane grows. Having a healthy diet is crucial to getting the right nutrients that promote hair growth. Getting food that are rich in protein and B vitamins can largely improve how your hair looks and could boost you with clearer skin as well! Never underestimate the power of a well-balanced diet that is rich in fruits, seeds, vegetables and protein.

Water hydration is equally important to growing healthy hair. Avoiding nicotine to enter your bloodstream can also promote hair growth. Studies have confirmed that indeed people who have a regular smoking habit are also experiencing thinning hair and baldness than their non-smoking peers.

Top 5 foods for healthy hair

An alternative way to treat hair loss


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    • gmmurgirl profile image

      Gei Moore 4 years ago from Pilipinas

      Thaank you Dr. Ope! Hair problems and hair loss is a major concern for everyone affected. Hopefully this hub will help even a little those who are looking for remedies.

    • Dr.Ope profile image

      Olive Ellis 4 years ago

      gmmurgirl. This was a very informative hub. We all suffer from hair loss at some time in our lives and so it is important we know some of the causes. Thank you and all the best.