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Hair Fashion Trend Alert: How To Add Volume to Your Hair this Season

Updated on August 29, 2010

Say goodbye to smooth, sleek and shiny -- this season, all the hottest trends are centred around the big, bold and beautiful! We all know that fashion trends tend to repeat themselves. The big, retro and voluminous styles of the past are now back and highly fashionable. If you're thinking of altering your style and changing it up a bit, volume is an essential element to add to your greatest fashion accessory - your hair! Like changing your part, adding volume to your hair is quick, easy and can totally transform your look. Here you'll find all the tips and tricks you need to get lovely, big hair without being over the top. 

A recommended product - Metropolis Round Thermal Ionic Brush
A recommended product - Metropolis Round Thermal Ionic Brush

The Blow-Dry

 Blow-drying your hair is great for adding volume to your hair if you have time in the morning. The trick to doing this professionally is squeezing the excess water out and partially towel-drying your hair. Then get your blow-dryer out, with the nozzle to direct the heat, attached. Flick your head upside down and blow-dry. Remember that the highest heat and power settings aren't always the best! While blow-drying don't use a brush or styling tool until your hair is about 80% dry - instead use your fingers to rough your hair up a bit, especially at the roots, which will encourage volume. When your hair is almost dry stand upright again and use a round thermal brush to style your hair gently as you continue to dry it. Finish with a blast of cold air to make sure the style stays.

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RPR Pump Up My Volume Mist - a must have.
RPR Pump Up My Volume Mist - a must have.


Hair-voluminising products are great as a quick, temporary pick-me-up for your hair. You can use them without the commitment to a new style. They can be worn day-in, day-out, or on those days where you feel like going the extra mile - in just 30 seconds! Voluminising products can be used on all kinds of hair, whether you simply need a little lift at the roots or want to dramatise your fine locks.

Sprays are great for encouraging the roots of your hair upwards, and thus giving volume. Simply spritz some directly onto the hair, concentrating it at the roots, and work with fingers to create a great lift. Such sprays need not be applied all over the head - just a little around the crown works great!

My favourite of these would have to be RPR Pump Up My Volume Spray - it gives great volume and smells good enough to eat.

Mousse and pastes are good for injecting volume into finer hair. They're intended to be only used on the mid-lengths and ends - and in small amounts too. Work some between your palms of fingers and apply it to the hair evenly, toussling and scrunching it as you go.

Another great way to get volume naturally is to minimise the amount of product that you use. If you're using gel, pomade or such products towards the end of your hair, it will be dragged down and tend to lose its natural volume. So, go lighter on the products and watch the wonders it'll work for you! 


Backcombing can work wonders for your hair when trying to achieve volume and height. As the name suggests, it involves combing the hair in a reverse direction as you'd normally do it. Section off the hair then, using a fine-tooth comb, comb it from the ends to the roots. Do this to the hair as you desire, especially around the crown. For a sleek finish, simply brush the top layer of hair down smoothly.

Be daring and participate in this season's new trend: hair with va-va-voom! Huge, outdated hair isn't the point, but with a little root lift you can glamorously transform your look and your locks.


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