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Hair Growth the Cheap Way!

Updated on May 16, 2017 want to grow your hair?

Since tumblr became the biggest picture source in the whole internet, girls everywhere have been trying to achieve the "tumblr aesthetic" look for years! The long, flowing hair that just seems so impossible to get! I will tell you how to grow your hair long, but only do this if you are trying to be yourself. Do not try to grow your hair out because you think that is the only way to be beautiful. Plenty of hairstyles fit plenty of women! If you still want to try out a long hairstyle for yourself, then take this poll quick!

Let's talk about the money!

How much money have you invested into growing your hair?

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Whatever your answer may be above, let me clue you guys in on a little secret....

I have been trying to grow my hair for years, and so many things have to be in order for your hair to grow. From your body to your emotions, it is actually an entire body process. But let's be honest...nobody is perfect. Therefore, we cannot expect miracles out of ourselves! If we are majorly stressed, that will of course take a toll, as well as eating unhealthy. But changing the shampoo and conditioner that we use can greatly impact how fast our hair can grow! Mind you, this has worked for me. Some people may see that other methods work for them, you never know until you try! So let's get started with story time.

Once upon a time, this author first got her license. She was very excited to drive! As she was driving to work, she got into a car accident! Her car was totaled and her collarbone and foot was broken while suffering a concussion.

Now why did I tell you that story? For sympathy? No. I had an entire 6 weeks to heal up, so I had a mini vacation. So that brings me to my first step to hair growth....decreasing stress.

Step 1: Decrease Stress

I had a lot of time to just sit and relax while waiting for my bones to heal. Now, do not purposely get into a car accident to make your hair grow, but instead, treat every day as a relaxation day. Whether there is stress at work or school, maybe even home, just continuously remind yourself to stay calm under pressure. Maybe you could try some meditation or even yoga! What will the high tension do for you or the situation? Nothing. Not only will it stress you out more, but it will keep your hair from growing.

During that resting period, my hair grew four inches. That is four inches in six weeks! And all I needed to do was relax a bit. I discovered my biggest factor, and throughout these steps, try to decide your biggest factor. What is resisting your hair from growing? By solving this from the root of the problem (HAHA PUN WAS TRULY INTENDED), your hair can grow even quicker.

Maybe you are quite relaxed and this isn't the factor that needs to change. Keep searching for the changing factor in these steps!

Step 2: Eat Healthy

I feel like I would sound like a broken record if I said to eat healthy, but I guess I will have to sound like one. During the time of my major hair growth, I did not eat healthy whatsoever. Maybe a vegetable here and there, a banana every morning, but personally that is what I eat anyways. Considering that is fairly healthy already, there was no great impact on the food I was eating with my hair. But this section is more for the people who may have that problem! Just add an apple or banana to your everyday meal, or maybe even drink an extra glass of water. Whatever your initial step is to eating healthier is a good step! Your body will thank you even that tiny bit.

Step 3: Change Your Shampoo and Conditioner

From my experience, the leave in conditioner and everything that is suppose to strengthen your hair, just pulled my hair out when I rinse it. So instead of wasting money on those types of methods, change the shampoo and conditioner. I once tried the Arbonne line for hair growth, and let me did not work. It is very challenging to find something that cleans your hair and doesn't leave it oily, while also not drying it out too much to the point where it breaks off. So I bought the Ogx brand of shampoo and conditioner that almost costed 8 dollars a bottle at CVS! And the bottles are small! I tried the Keratin Oil line ( pictures below).

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Now what REALLY works?

The Kertain Oil is okay...if you want to break your bank. I have been using it and have seen a continuation of my hair growth, but not quite like Garnier Fructis Whole Blends! I use the honey blends. The perks are great! Not only did it make my hair grow faster, but it also costs much less money then both of the items mentioned above, and it makes your hair smell great! Let's compare the prices, shall we?


Hair Shampoo
Does It Work?
The Cost
Arbone Tea Tree Oil Shampoo
OGX Keratin OIl Shampoo and Conditioner
Sort of!
Garnier Fructis Whole Blends (Honey)
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Any Final Words?

I would definatley go with the Whole Blends. Not only is it cost effective, but it leaves your hair feeling and smelling great! Stop trying all these other brands and leave in only makes your hair weak! Once you determine your factor go out and buy some of this shampoo and it will definatley boost the growing process. Leave comments down below if you tried it, or anything about this article! It's greatly appreciated! See ya next time !:)


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    • mchllhwgt profile image

      Michelle How 7 months ago

      I wasn't expecting that! I will give it a go although I would only like to grow my hair about 3 inches. I'm just impatient!