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Hair Relaxer Product Review - Mizani Relaxer Vs Root Stimulator Olive Oil Relaxer

Updated on February 8, 2012

Comparing Mizani Relaxer and Root Stimulator Olive Oil Relaxer may seem extreme but with today's economic situation we should be less frivolous when spending our hard earned dollars.

Using great product doesn't always mean spending more money. I'm sure after seeing this review you may agree. How many great products have you learned about from a friend that saved you money, time or grew your relaxed hair ? Here is my review:

Mizani Relaxer

When it comes to relaxers Mizani Relaxers are at the top of the list when it comes to superior straightening and finishing.

This relaxer has high quality ingredients that will fortify and treat you hair for breakage at first application to the last rinse.

Cost $$: In salons the cost of a Mizani Relaxer can run you over a hundred dollars and may only include a simple style.

Some hair salons charge seperately for hair style with will have you paying over $100 for your hair relaxing visit. If expense is not an issue with you or you will not settle nothing but the best, this is the relaxer for you.

Personal Experience:

  • Smooth application
  • Nice texture

My hair texture was beautiful until the next retouch appointment. The maintenance products also worked well.

Root Stimulator Olive Oil Relaxer

Root Stimulator Olive Oil Relaxer is my all time favorite. It works as superior as some of the best and is very cost efficient. This relaxer may have a charge less than the best but you are not sacrificing the health of your hair.

The olive oil and other enriching ingredients leave your hair feeling like a million dollars. Which proves you don't have to spend a million to look like you have.

Cost $: In the salon your charge for this hair relaxing service is normally less for this brand. You may also be charged extra for a style, however if you don't plan on breaking the bank this is Organic Stimulator Olive Oil Relaxer is your best bet.

Personal Experience:

  • Low Cost
  • Smooth Application
  • Nice hair texture
  • Little or No irritation

The very nutritious ingredients leave your hair very smooth balanced and uncompromised (stripped) like some cheaper relaxers. You will enjoy a beautiful texture until your next retouch.

The maintenance products worked great however the daily moisturizer strengthen my hair but weight my hair down. I suggest you use small amount at night so hair can absorb and have you bouncy by morning.

Learn how to grow relaxed hair long , apply a relaxer and how to maintain a smooth straight style with your relaxed hair by reading my other hubs.

Please visit for more haircare tips and please vote up if you found this hub useful. Thanks!


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    • Hairbiz profile image

      Hairbiz 6 years ago

      Use a quality relaxer first and an excellent hairstylist to apply it. It is their expert judgement when to remove the relaxer. It is also their skills that will have yoru hair straight,healthy and fabulous after your treatment.

      It is the stylist that is straightening your hair with the manipulation of their hands, back of comb and precision application and timing of the chemical. Simply applying the chemical does not mean the straightest hair you can have.

      Many stylist refuse to allow a clients hair to be bone straight to reduce the loss of elasticity if not maintained properly or over processed due to previous relaxer treatment.

    • Jade89 profile image

      Jade Monique Taylor Hiralal 6 years ago from Johannesburg - South Africa

      Thanks for the hub! Very informative!

      I'm actually struggling between making a choice on which relaxer to use. I want the best for my hair (without considering money as in which is more affordable etc) which would be the best bet??? I don't want any breakage and would like completely straight hair.

      I've seen various opinions all over so it's rather confusing.


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