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Hair Removal - Cream or Wax?

Updated on April 27, 2014

Ok girls, one of the dilemmas that we have to deal with is this topic that i'm about to talk to you about, hair removal! Men will look at this and will not understand what we have to go through, but don't worry about them!

There are many ways we can remove unwanted hair. More permanent solutions such as laser treatment and electrolysis, but most of us do not have that type of money to be spending. Lesser expensive treatments are wax strips, wax cream and shaving; the three most common types of hair removal.

I have never used wax strips or cream, how do I choose?

It's your lucky day! If you've never used any type of hair removal before then don't be ashamed, you've came to the right place to find out whats the best type to use. And if you're just looking for alternative hair removal, brilliant!


I'm going to start off with the basic of hair removal which is SHAVING.
This is the easiest type of hair removal for anyone, whether you have dry, sensitive, rough skin.

There are several products you can put on your skin to help with smooth shaving. Most common is shaving cream/gel which you can buy from a range of beauty shops which cater for all types of skin. Another one is just soap and water, but make sure you wet the area thoroughly before applying soap you don't want to get shaving sores!
The 3rd option is conditioner. I haven't gone crazy but conditioner is a great product to use whilst shaving, just wet the area and apply a healthy amount of conditioner it will create a smooth surface and make your legs feel silky smooth! Go ahead try it!


The second hair removal topic is WAXING STRIPS.
If you're worried about waxing being painful, it all depends on how much you can take. Learnt from experience yes it does hurt a little, but the pain is over within seconds. So girls do not worry about that!
The pain of waxing is what puts people off the most about it. It put me off for a while and then I just went for it and the results were amazing.
There are two types of waxing but work in the same way. Some people go to beauty salons, where they put the wax onto the skin first then use the strips to take off the wax and hair this way can also be done at home it just depends on what you prefer. The other is where the wax is ready made onto the strips to start using straight away.

Also companies, such as Veet have created a machine that applies the correct amount of wax on the the skin and then you use the strips to remove it.


The third and final hair removal technique I'm going to talk about is HAIR REMOVAL CREAM.
I found that this is the easiest and painless thing ever. I was really skeptical about using cream, but I had to try it for myself.
You buy the tubes of cream from any beauty store they can range from £3-£10 depending on which brand and how much of it you buy. All it is, is a tube of cream and it comes with a plastic splatula. It's very simple to apply you use one edge of the spatula to apply and smooth out, leave it on for 5 mins, but always follow manufacturers instructions correctly. Then you use the spatula edge to remove the hair, so simple.
There are many pros and cons to cream, I will make a table below stating pros and cons of each type of hair removal and then you can decide for yourself!

If you have used hair removal before, which one do you prefer.

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    • staceyblount1992 profile image

      staceyblount1992 3 years ago from England

      I absolutely agree with you there, you do have to try them before you decide which is best for you. I have never been to a beauty salon to get waxed to be honest, but I have tried waxing at home and creams. Thank you for that comment!

    • csd1509 profile image

      csd1509 3 years ago

      Great and clear hub!

      Im a devoted waxer in beauty salons. And although its painfull(!) the skin is at the end much smoother then shaved skin. So personally I prefer shaving my legs which I touchup every few days and areas like bikini for example I only do with wax. I have tried the cream and it's in my opinion in theory a perfect, easy & painless solution BUT ive tried it and for some reason my leg was hairless with here and there a " patch" of hair. However I tried applying the cream my end result was not all perfect. I also have a few unopened boxes of self applying wax strips at home for quite some time but havent had the guts to use them..

      So bottom line I guess you just ought to try all the options and see what suits you best!