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Hair Removal Options for Men

Updated on June 1, 2011

I will not talk about the reasons why men may want to have their unwanted body hair removed (perhaps because it is unwanted?); instead I will focus on hair removal options available for men, and what can be expected. This hub will cover hair removal creams, gels, sugaring, waxing, shaving, and laser hair removal that can be done in the privacy of your own home.

Fellows, look no further, this is the hub you have been wanting to read. The contestants are:

Photo by Hairy_Jacques CCL
Photo by Hairy_Jacques CCL

Hair Removal Creams

I have personally tried different hair removal brands, some promised to get rid of the hair forever, and others were more conservative on their promises and said that they would simply make the process faster and less painful. I obtained mixed results with hair removal creams.

Hair no more was the biggest disappointment; it failed miserably at getting rid of my chest hair (and I didn’t even have a lot), it smelled really bad, and on top of that it irritated my skin big time.

Your experience will probably be somewhere along those lines, perhaps if you are less sensitive to some of the chemicals in this cream you will be spared the irritation, but don’t get your hopes high.

Hair no more was a costly experiment for me, as I bought the whole “hair removal system” made of the vanishing cream, the hair inhibitor (supposed to prevent hair from growing back) and the soothing gel (used to help relieve the burning from the two products applied before).

I followed the product’s instructions but it simply did not work, my hair grew back as if I had just shaved; a total waste of money.

Nair Hair Remover body cream for men worked as promised. This cream made no false promises like getting rid of my hair forever, it simply promised an easier alternative to shaving. I experienced some redness on my chest after the treatment but it went away in a few hours. The Nair hair remover body cream for men works.

Hair Removal Gel

Nad’s No heat hair removal for men is a great alternative to waxing although a little too painful for my taste; it does not require heating.

You apply the gel to the area you want to treat as if it were a strip, the gel hardens just a little when in contact with air then you just grab one end, pull and scream. You can reuse that gel again to treat the next area. This gel works, it is fast, it is painful, and it can seriously irritate the treated area, not a good option to remove your chest hair. It pulled my hair with the root to the point that you could see little drops of blood coming out from where the hair was; it definitely got rid of the hair!


Waxing requires heating and is just as painful as Nad’s No heat gel.


This is a home-made hair removal solution. It works just like waxing or no heat gel, although the sugaring mixture needs to be heated before you actually apply it your body. This mix is really strong, and in my experience it removed the hair from the root and it also made my chest bleed, but it really works. The hair of course comes back in about a week to ten days.

The sugaring paste is obtained by boiling water sugar and a little lemon.


This is the least painful of all hair removal methods we have reviewed so far, and definitely less painful than the one to follow.

I don’t think I need to give you instructions on how to shave yourself, but a word of advice based on my own experience, a close shave can cause the hair to become ingrown, this will be a problem the next few days when the hair starts to grow back. If you don’t care for the way it feels then shave in the direction of hair growth.


I tried the Tria Laser Hair Removal. A word of caution, this laser will NOT work on people with dark skin tones or on people with LIGHT hair to be removed.

If your skin is dark don’t get the Tria as the laser could cause serious skin injury on dark skin tones (this applies too if you are tanned). The Tria will not work on light or blonde hair.

The process: you must shave the area to treat before using the laser, don’t skip this step or you will pay for it dearly on the next step, which is to actually apply the laser.

The laser has three different settings, number one does not cause much pain, number two is somewhat more painful, and number three is really painful. You achieve better results using the higher setting.

This is a long term hair removal solution but will also require commitment, you must continue to apply laser for months because the hair grows in stages, so while you disable some follicles today, others are dormant and are therefore not disabled yet.

My personal experience with the Tria is this: I have been using it for a year now, I notice less hair on my chest area, but I am not hair free yet, I attribute this to the fact that I didn’t use the highest setting at the beginning of the treatment.
I also find the process long and boring. The laser is really small so the treatment takes about 30 minutes for the chest, not counting shaving time. I experienced mild redness that went away within a few hours.

And the winner is:

The winner is the one that works for you. I wanted something that allowed me to get rid of hair forever, I don’t like having to shave or apply creams to remove unwanted hair. The Tria has great potential but I have not yet achieved the results I want with it.

If I were to select something other than laser I would either shave or do my own sugaring paste. These two methods won’t expose you to potentially dangerous chemicals.


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