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Hair Removal Products - Helping You Find The Best

Updated on November 20, 2010

If you want to get rid of unwanted hair then your main problem will not be how to do it but rather which products that you are going to choose for the job, this article will classify all of the major products that are on the market and keep you abreast of your options.

The best hair removal products are going to depend on a number of factors including how much hair you want to get rid of, where and how that hair grows ad finally how long do you want the results to last. With these in mind you can narrow down your hair removal options for a particular area and enjoy the results for as long as possible.

There is one additional consideration and that relates to pain. If you have a high pain threshold then you will have more choices though it this is not the case then don't worry too much as some of the newer treatments are becoming more and more painless to use. Below you will find all of the popular options and further links on how to have smooth hairless skin for less.


If you are looking to remove very few stray hairs then nothing can match the precision of tweezers. Tweezers come in a variety of shapes some of which are slanted, flat and others pointed. It is important that you try and minimize the amount of irritation on your skin by pulling the hair from as close to the follicle as you can without pinching yourself. As a hair removal product tweezers work best for small areas where the skin is not overly sensitive.


These little machines are like using a little row of tweezers to pull out your hair from the roots. The spinning head works to remove multiple hairs at a time. Epilator hair removal is quick and requires little preparation of the skin. The drawback is that epilators are quite painful of you have thick hair and many people can’t stand the pain for long enough to remove all the hair.  Overall epilators are still a cheap and convenient hair removal answer.

Hair Removal Products
Hair Removal Products


In this category are your razor blades and electric razor. These are without doubt the most widely used hair removal products for men and some women also prefer this method for removing hair on their legs as it is relatively pain free. Shaving will remove your hair quickly and painlessly though it will not affect your hair below skin level so you will only get a day or two of perfectly smooth skin. After this time the hair will commonly grow faster and denser so unless you would like a five o’clock shadow on your back there may be reason to look elsewhere. It’s important to prepare your skin properly with a good shaving cream or gel and use a good moisturizer afterward to prevent razor burn.


While not a way to remove hair as such, bleaching is an effective treatment for very fine hair commonly on the upper lip. Obviously you are only changing the colour of your moustache but there are some good reasons why you would bleach. This method doesn’t damage your skin or irritate like other hair removal methods and the fine hair grows extremely slowly so you don’t have to worry about dying your roots.


Waxing pulls your hair out from the root by applying a layer of warm wax over the area and then pulling I off with a strip once it has set. Waxing is good for removing slightly longer hair so you may need to wait for some time between treatments. Waxing can be painful particularly if done incorrectly only very specific forms of wax are suitable as facial hair removal products so be sure your practitioner is appropriately qualified.


Sugaring hair removal has some similarities to waxing though there are a number of advantages. Sugaring uses natural ingredients commonly derived from foods like sugar water and lemon juice. The advantage is that sugaring can be applied to large areas at a time without the gel or paste drying out and the solution is water soluble so it washes off easier then wax. Sugaring is effective thought it is difficult to find many people with the skill to perform the treatment properly.

Hair Removal Cream

Depilatory Hair Removal Cream works by dissolving the hair from its roots. Hair removal creams have been around for a while and they are improving, the creams are painless and easy to use. Though hair removal creams are effective, they are not suitable for use on your face as the skin there is quite sensitive. Depilatory creams may also remove hair unevenly so be sure to read the directions carefully.

Hair Removal Products
Hair Removal Products

Permanent Hair Removal Products

The products that have been mentioned above are good hair removal solutions though if you are after something permanent than you should take a closer look at laser hair removal. Although there are laser hair removal products marketed as suitable for home use, the best and safest results will be from a professional. If you want to know more about this professional treatment then be sure to check out the laser hair removal information available.

As you can see there is no shortage of hair removal products available. If you are still in doubt about what will be the best for you then consult your doctor or dermatologist.


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