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Hair Remover Sally Hansen spray on shower off removal foam review

Updated on November 18, 2011

Update 11-18-2011, Sally Hansen spray on shower off removal foam product has been discontinued by Sally Hansen. I updated the amazon products to show the stores that still have this product for sale. If you really like this product, you may want to pick up some more before it disappears completely.

First of all, I hate shaving. It doesn't matter how I shave, it always seemed like I never got all the hairs and left a lot of stubble. I tried regular razors using the gels, dry shaving - talk about razor burns, and then went to an electric razor.

I saw the commercial for Nair, and decided to give it a try. I was highly skeptical mind you. When I finally got to Walmart, I looked through all the hair removal creams and gels. No, I didn't do my research online before hand, which I should have. I ended picking up Sally Hansen spray-on shower-off hair removal. When I picked it up I thought it was a Nair product, but realized it wasn't after I got home. I never used Nair or any other product like this before, so I decided to give it a try anyhow.

I did the test spray like the instructions told me to. I did that out of the shower with dry skin. I figured it was only a test. I waited three minutes and wiped off. Nothing. It didn't even remove hair at that spot. Oh great money down the tube. I decided to wait the 24 hours like it suggested to see if any irritation appeared. None did.

Why not go ahead and try. I step into the shower. It said to spray on and leave for three minutes. But I decided to do so while taking the shower. Doesn't work, the water will wash it away, duh. I finish with my shower. I dry my self off. I decide to just go ahead and use the foam. I sit down with a towel under my legs. I spray on the foam. I found out it is best to start spraying at the bottom and work your way up. While you are spraying, it goes over your legs nice and evenly.

After you spray the foam starts to set almost immediately. If you missed a spot and go to reapply to that area, the spray will push away what you already placed there. It was like spray painting, and you want to hold it down as long as possible. I found my self switching hands though. It is nice and cool when it goes on. Right after it is on, I did not feel anything.

Now it said to wait at least three minutes, and at the most ten. I started applying the foam to my lower legs at 9:57. I waited until 10:04 to remove the foam. While I was waiting, the foam started to get warm. It was not a burning sensation, but a growing warmth. The best way to describe it is to get a hot towel, let it cool a little, and apply it to your legs. It did get very warm, but did not burn.

While I was sitting there, I noticed that the foam on the back of my legs started to drip off. That is probably the reason the top of the legs felt warmer than the back of my lower legs. I'm glad I had the towel down to catch those drippings.

When it was time to take off the foam, one leg I decided to use a washcloth. The other leg I sprayed off. When I used the washcloth, all the hair wiped away with the foam. Yes, I was amazed that it worked especially after the test area did not remove anything. For the other leg, I took the hand held shower head, and sprayed it off. The foam came off, but the hairs were still on my legs. I had to use a washcloth to get them off.

I think if I took a shower right after using the foam, that eventually all the hair would come off from the water. It really did act like the stubborn hair that clings to you that the barber had to brush off right after a hair cut.

Here is the thing I really, really liked about this product. It did not pull any hairs. I refuse to wax, because I hate pain. There was no pain that you get with pulling hair out by the roots. The worst pain I felt is right after I wiped my legs with the washcloth. It felt like razor burn. It was not bad, but that feeling was still there though. It went away after a minute.

Then I went and inspected my legs. Yes, all the hair was removed where the foam was. :) Even in the back where the foam was dripping, it was all gone. I ran my hands over my legs, and I could not even feel any stubble. My legs are the smoothest they have ever been. Now I will have to wait to see how long it takes for the hair to come back.

Yes, the product does work. I think it would work best after your leg is moist after soaking it water from a bath or shower. It did not work on dry skin.

The best was my husband commenting that I never got my legs that smooth with a razor.

The downfall is that the warmth sensation could be a nasty burning sensation on some one with more sensitive skin. It is a spray like spray painting, so you have to be careful you don't spray things around you if you are not in the tub or shower with the curtain or shower door closed.

I forget the exact cost. It was $6 and change at Walmart. I believe closer to $7. You only get 6oz of this foam. I do wish I got more for the cost of this product.

With what I used before I showered, the actual application on both of my lower legs, and the amount that I believe is left in the can, will probably cover the entire upper and lower leg once, or have two applications for my lower legs. I'm short only 5 foot. If someone has a longer leg, then that person may only be able to use the product once.

I know there are other hair removal products that cost slightly less, and I believe gave more product. Next time I go to Walmart, I have to double check on that. Maybe next time, I'll try one of the Nair products. The other one I saw at Walmart was Veet. If I try either one, I'll give a review.

Now my next quest is to get my legs to look good after years of abuse. Now my legs feel silky smooth to touch and when I walk around in my pants, but they don't look it. They look as if they have stubble on them. Basically a lot of little bumps. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.



The next night I could start to feel stubble on my leg again. The instructions say to wait 24 hours between applications. If you have the money, this is not a bad product. If you do not have the money, this could be used right before a special occasion with that someone special.

I have read other reviews from amazon, and thought a couple of comments should definitely be posted here. One complaint was that the product got the bottom of the tub/shower very slippery.

There were a few that complained that it burned their skin. People with sensitive skin should definitely be careful to make sure it won't burn before applying it to the entire area. I don't have sensitive skin, but that does not mean that normal skin will be affected, so make sure you use it on a small area first.


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