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Hair Salon Equipment Buy Wholesale

Updated on October 8, 2014

Hair Salon Equipment For Your Business

Wholesale Hair salon equipment can make or break a business. Having equipment that operates efficiently will save you money on electricity and increase revenue by allowing you to take on a larger clientele.

Once you've found a space for your salon, finding the right furniture and equipment will give it a unique look and feel. You can go for a chic, sleek, classic, modern or a contemporary style.

When opening a new hair salon, there are many items that you will need in order to get off to a good start. Here's a quick list

  • Hooded Dryers
  • Shampoo Bowls
  • Styling Chairs
  • Stying Stations
  • Mirrors
  • Steamers

This article will briefly cover all of the equipment need to start your hair salon business.

Hair Salon Equipment Styles

Hair Salon Packages

The easiest and quickest way to fill an empty hair salon is by purchasing a furniture package. These types of bundles include all of the hair salon " must haves". You can add or subtract the amount of chairs, bowls, or dryers according to your needs.

Get everything delivered right to your salon and open your business the very next day. Hair Salon Packages are very affordable and come in a variety of styles and cost to fit your budget.

Thinking about updating your hair salon? Purchasing a package is the quickest way to get a stylish and sleek look, almost overnight. Impress your clients and save money with higher efficiency working dryers and sinks.

Shampoo Bowls For Hair Salons

Hair Salon Shampoo Bowls

The first stop for most clients is the shampoo bowl. Having a shampoo station that's comfortable and functional leaves a good impression on customers. Leaky sinks, squeeky and uncomfortable chairs don't.

Something as little as how well the water flows from a shampoo bowl nozzle, to how protected your clients clothing during washing is more important then you would think. Taking this into consideration when shopping for hair salon equipment is crucial in making that first impression.

Some of the things you may want to consider when buying a shampoo bowl are...

  • Does it come with the drain kit.
  • How well will the sink fit in the shampoo area of your salon
  • Does the shampoo bowl offer a sturdy and secure fit for your clients.

Hair Salon Styling Chair Basics

Hair salon styling chairs vary in style function and and colors. The most popular are sleek, stylish and almost always hydraulic.

The hydraulic function of a styling chair makes lowering and raising clients easy on them and you. Just pump the bar with your foot for fast and comfortable adjustments during the styling process.

A salon chair should spin easily and go up and down effortlessly. Turn your client towards the mirror or bring them up to the right height for an awesome hair cut.

Hair Salon Steamers

Hair Salon Steamers are becoming very popular. It will assist you by processing color and condtioning treatments.

Gaining more recognition used to process conditioning treatments for dry hair, this piece of equipment is being seen in homes as well.

The benefits for using a hair steamer are...

  • Able to use deep penetrating treatments more effectively
  • Restore moisture to the hair
  • Stimulates the scalp for healthy hair growth

As a salon owner, making money and making the clientele can be a balancing act. Driving targeted services can be a delicate transaction as well. The one thing that you can not place a value on his the over all salon experience. Salon Hair Steamers add a great touch to any service. Clients will see a hair steamer as a added benefit to an otherwise healthy hair regimen. You really can't go wrong with add at least one of these hair steamer units to your salon.

Hair Salon For Sale

Hair Salon Chairs, Bowls, And Equipment Is A Reflection Of You!

When I worked alongside another stylist in a hole in the wall inner city salon, we would always comment on how poor the equipment was. The water pressure was bad in the salon sinks and the chairs were duck taped and barely functional.

Even though this was not my salon (I was not the owner), I felt somewhat responsible for how the salon looked. We did our best to keep it clean and semi presentable but the broken and warn out equipment was always a sore spot when it can to the over all look of the salon.

I recall clients complaining about their shirts being wet after getting a shampoo, and this was not the shampoo girl's fault either. The chairs were too short for the shampoo bowls or the shampoo bowls were to high for the chairs..... I'm really not sure but the work was crappy nonetheless.

It was so nice to visit other salons occasionally when I didn't feel like getting my hair done at work. There was one salon in particular, only a few blocks from where I worked, that had an amazing clientele list and services. Not only did they have beautiful furniture, everything matched and worked as it should. This business had the right idea when they set up their salon!

A salon that is well put together will always out profit, it's competitors. Never low ball yourself with crappy salon equipment. Also, do yourself a favor and buy it wholesale. You'll save money in the long run and will be prepared with the furniture you need to have a full service salon.


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