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Hair Spa in 5 Easy Steps to Prevent Hair Loss

Updated on May 16, 2017

Hair Spa in 5 easy steps!

In today's world of day by day increasing pollution and changing environment, hair fall and skin damage has become a major concern along with other health issues. If I go by the title then you will agree that whatever we do to the skin is one case, but once we change the look of hair - oh my God! - it is a complete transformation!! But behind that look requires an utmost care, which I completely agree - practically becomes jilted in our hectic schedule. I would be the most lazy person if it were a competition. I had the most unhealthy hair in family. But I had this one principle - Home care is the best Care. I prepared this spa procedure at home and used it and it gave me amazing results!! So here I am gonna share these steps and I hope it works amazing for you too!


1. OILING : First de-tangle your hair.You can use coconut/olive oil for oiling. If you have a oily scalp, its preferable to oil your hair 30 minutes or at least half an hour prior washing with a shampoo. If you have normal to dry scalp, you can oil your hair and leave it overnight. If you prefer not to oil, at least apply aloe vera gel and leave it overnight.(This is applicable to all types of scalp).

2. STEAMING: Its best to steam your hair with a Vapouriser for continuous steaming effect. If you dont have one, you can use hot-towel-wrap method. This should be done for 5-7 minutes and steam should reach every part of your scalp. Prolonged steaming may lead to more hair loss.

3. SHAMPOOING: For this I would likely recommend non-paraben/non-sulfate shampoos, since these are major ingredients in damaging your hair and causing hairfall. You can use organic or herbal shampoos. You can use WoW Apple cider vinegar shampoo, Organix Shampoos, The Body Shop shmapoos since they are sulfate/paraben free shampoos. You can easily find them in Drugstores and Amazon too. Use lukewarm water while washing. Use micro-fibre towel for quick absorption of water.
Note: Do not use conditioner as we would be using Hair Masque in next step.

4. APPLYING MASQUE AND STEAMING: If you are fan of home made masks and if you have one, you can proceed with it or you can use from two below:
A. Aloe Vera Yogurt Masque: Use 7-8 tablespoons of AloeVera gel and plain yogurt and mix them. Keep aside the mixture for 10 minutes. Apply them on scalp, roots, tips and keep for 20 mins followed by steam of 7-8 minutes and then wash off with cold water.No shampoo required.
B. Egg-Yogurt-Lemon Masque: This is the best conditioner and you wont require any serum after if used. One egg with yolk mixed 7-8 drops of essential oil , 2 spoons of lemon juice and 5 spoons of yougurt. Keep for min of 40 minutes.No steaming required. Wash of with cold water. However this requires shampooing for the smell to be gone and this method you can use for only "a masque and shampoo day" also.

You can use Loreal Professional Range Masques or Oriflame ones. They are extremely good in this case but I would recommend non sulfate ones since we are using non-chemical products mostly.

5. DRYING: Leave your hair for normal drying. Use a serum if you like.
Enjoy a Happy & Healthy Hair! :)

After Spa


WoW Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo

WOW Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo - Clarifying Daily Detox Removes Buildup - Infused with Natural Apple Cider Vinegar - Almond and Argan Oils - Sulfate and Paraben free-10 Fl Oz
WOW Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo - Clarifying Daily Detox Removes Buildup - Infused with Natural Apple Cider Vinegar - Almond and Argan Oils - Sulfate and Paraben free-10 Fl Oz

WoW Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo - I have tried many anti hair fall shampoos but none of them worked as this does. It is my regular shampoo and it has reduced my hair fall upto 80%.


Organix Shampoo

© 2017 Manisha


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    • Abinash Jena profile image

      Abinash Jena 9 months ago

      It's wonderful article. Thanks for sharing this. People will find the relevant specific procedures from this.