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Hair Straightening Tips - All the Secrets in 3 Minutes

Updated on August 21, 2011

There are many reasons why people’s hair is not straight, each of these reasons has a different solution, the following are some basic reasons leading to curved hair: 

1, the hair is too dry. The best solution is to choose an appropriate hair care product and method for daily care maintenance.

2, the hair is not dry completely before going to bed. The simplest solution is to blow dry the hair and then sleep. 

3, damaged hair. The solution is to use hair products that help to repair damaged hair ends.

4, natural curls. Natural curls are mainly due to genetic reason, there is no way to alter the situation permanently, however, you can choose non-permanent hair straight solutions to achieve temporary result.

1, The most convenient and easiest way to straighten your hair is to use straight perm products or a hair straightening iron in the hair salon or at home. Usually, perm straightened hair can be maintained after 2 to 6 months, depending on individual cases. However, you should pay attention to after perm care in order to maintain the best results. The most popular straight hair products on the market can be divided into straight hair perm solution or hair straightening iron. The flat iron can be used to straighten your hair or do curls if you pay attention to the following tips: the temperature of the iron should be controlled at less than 150 degrees; you should not straighten each strand of hair with the flat iron for more than three times so as not to damage the hair.

2, blow straight the hair with a hair dryer. This method may bring you a little trouble, because you have to do this repeatedly each time after taking a shower. When using the hair dryer, you need to divide your hair into several layers in the first place, and then blow dry each section from the top layer. First, pick some hair with a round comb and fix it in the back of the head. Then, gently stretch the hair and blow it from the hair roots to hair ends using a hair dryer. This method requires practice and skill, you have to practice several times before gaining full mastery. There are a wide range of home use hair dryer in the market, regardless of their promotional concepts, the most important thing is to consider the wind and temperature. Generally, the hair dryer used by professional hair stylist has very strong wind power and a relatively high price. If you have long and thick hair, please consider buying a professional-grade hair dryer. Also, you may want to buy a flat hair dryer nozzle for straight hair in order to achieve better result.  And don’t forget to apply some hair essence before blowing if your hair is frizzy and brittle, this will make the hair smooth and shining instantly.

3, use hair styling products. There are many hair styling products on the market to straighten the hair. Compared with the previous two methods, using hair styling products does not pose direct injury risk to the hair, however, its effect is very limited if not used in combination with other methods. Hair styling products are most effective for slightly curled hair. Also, you should pay attention to the procedure when using them, because although these products do not directly damage the hair, over-use of such products can lead to serious problems with your hair. For example, hair spray or hair wax product, if not promptly cleaned, will gradually accumulate in the hair and may eventually become stiff, so that it prevents the hair from absorbing and maintaining moisture. In addition, the accumulation of hair styling product in the scalp will block hair follicles, which are likely to cause dandruff. In this case, you need to use special shampoo to clean out the residue of styling products.

Hair straightening tips with a hair dryer:

Apply some straight hair cream evenly on the wet hair, then separate the hair into six sections, or eight sections if you have thick hair. Make sure nothing is tangled.

You can use clips to help, and then select a small portion of the unclipped hair to straighten. You should start blow drying at the roots, at least five inches away from your scalp to avoid burning, do not blow dry in an upwards motion as it only makes your hair frizz. Be careful not to blow dry a place for more than 5 seconds, otherwise it will hurt the hair and scalp.

Blow dry other sections using the same method.

Do not blow dry your hair completely, leave it a little bit damp, because moisture helps to make your hair more smooth and straight after drying naturally. 


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