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Hairstyles; Long & Short. What is New with Hair

Updated on August 17, 2013

Modern Beehive


The New Straight & Retro Hair Styles

Hairstyles these days are going all over the place, with a trend towards the retro looks. The boring, stick straight hair is taking a back seat to styles that require an old fashioned set. Celebrities such as Beyonce, Megan Fox, and Madonna have been seen with hairdos reminiscent of the 20s, 30s,40s, and 60s.

After almost one decade of flat ironed creations, women are seeking more variety with the complicated beehives of the 1960s, waves of the 1930s, & 40s, and even some wings with feathers of the 1970s.

Jennifer Lopez Beehive

The Beehive Hairdoo

The comeback of the Beehive.

In the 70s and 80s no one would have believed that this style would ever see the light of day again. The stiff, contrived look of the 1960s went out of style with a vengeance in the 1970s.

In the 70s- simple, straight, and often stringy hair that no one would have been caught dead sporting in any other era was suddenly in vogue with no hint of the centuries cherished curls that women has always striven for. The beehive looked old fashioned, dated, and kind of funny within a few years of its demise, and has become a staple of the extreme women's fashions of bygone days.

But alas- we are taking another look at the sophisticated beehive, and giving it another round of popularity, because it really is elegant and perfect for dressing up, and adding fancy combs, chop styx, and rhinestones. Beyonce wears it well, as does Jennifer Lopez.

Brigitte Bardot Sporting a Beehive in the 1960s

The Beehive of the 1960s

During the 60s there were many variations of the beehive. It could be tousled like the one Bridgette Bardot is wearing, or be severely coiffed. Either way- the higher - the better.

The Short Italian Cut of the 50s

Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor

Halle Berry

The Short Style of the 1950s

The short pin curled hairstyle of the mid to late 50s was brought into fashion by Gina Lollobridiga in the 1950s.

Stars such as Halle Berry are wearing the ultra short style with perhaps a little less of a contrived, coiffed look as was worn in the 50s, giving the Italian 1950s look a modern touch. By simply adding gel for a slightly straighter and more random look, this style looks ultra modern.

Lucille Ball & Her Famous "Poodle" Hairdo

Tyra Banks with the 50s " Poodle" Style


The Poodle cut was another popular short hairstyle of the 1950s. An overnight set with small, tight rollers was necessary to achieve this look. After removing the rollers the hair is brushed upward so that the hair on top is the fullest and curliest, reminiscent of a freshly groomed poodle. The longer version of the "poodle" would be what most people remember seeing Lucille Ball sporting during the 1950s comedy, I Love Lucy, in which combs were used to keep the back and sides flat.

Lana Turner & The Ultimate Glamour

Lana Turner and the Glamorous Waves

It just doesn't get any more glamorous than the 1940s and the Lana Turner long and wavy look. This style is probably the ultimate in women's glamour and has been adjusted over the years to appeal to changing times, but no matter what is going on, loose waves always inspire a sexy and glamorous image that pin up girls always favor. Think of any Miss America pageant, the 70s and the Farrah waves, and the big hair of fashion models. There is always room for glorious long waves that Lana Turner made famous almost seventy years ago.

Tighter rollers are used around the face so that when the rollers are removed the tight curls frame the face. The rest of the air is set tightly on medium rollers.

Megan Fox Recreates Lana Turner's Waves

40s glamour waves
40s glamour waves

The Modern Waves

A recreation of the Lana Turner long and wavy style. Toning down the pompadour that Rita Hayworth and Lana Turner displayed, and going for a more sleek wavy look brings this look up to date. Less tightness in the curls around the face and an overall flatter crown area.

The Flat Look

Flat Iron

The flat stringy look that won't die.

It looks simple, but it actually requires a lot of work for most hair types to become this flat and stiff. A quality flat iron such as a "Hite", is used all over the head to achieve a plastered down crown area with stiff ends.


Giving some life to those who are addicted to the flat iron.

The asymetrical cut adds some interesting angle to the flat hair and with the ends tucked under slightly as in the photo, it adds an air of sophistication.

1930s Waves

Wavy 30s

In the 1930s women had perms in which direct heat from metal clamps were attached to the hair while waves were pressed or ironed in.

The majority of the work was achieved during the perming process, however, women had their hair freshly set each day to have perfect, tight waves.

Return of the 30s

Slightly Course Hair Can Easily Be Styled Like the 1930s Classic Look

Ethnic hair is ideal for this style, and can often go without a perm and still achieve beautiful results. The hair can be set with waving clips and look every bit as classy and sophisticated as it did in the 30s just by using gel and spending a few hours waiting for the set.


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    • breakfastpop profile image


      6 years ago

      I have curls and it took me way too long to finally embrace them!

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 

      6 years ago

      I remember when my sisters wore the beehive. I thought it was so pretty and wanted to grow up fast so that I could wear it too. I guess now we can, again. Tyra Banks looks really good in that do and Meagan Fox is just beautiful. Enjoyed the read.

    • fpherj48 profile image


      6 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      Skarlet......Over the years...all 6 decades, I have gone the route of "trying something new".......only to eventually wave the white flag and return to my basic short cut.

      I enjoyed this hub immensely......Gorgeous women and luxurious hair for sure. Because they have personal Hair stylists and as I said, they are all exceptionally gorgeous (and YOUNG!) Let's face it, a road kill skunk, glued to their head would look fine.

      I firmly believe, at least for me......I know the best cut and style for my face, lifestyle and of course "type of hair." I'm all done experimenting!

      Great hub, Skarlet.....UP+++


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