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Works or Hoax? Perfectil Skin, hair and nail supplements

Updated on April 9, 2015


I was a bit sceptical of these supplements because of the ingredients, i have never in my life took such a thing as biotin before so i had no idea what to expect. All i know is i wanted my hair to grow and fast. For over a year now my hair has been just below my ears, it would not grow no matter what i did. I tried all different kinds of shampoos and vitamins but nothing worked my hair just would not grow, it had given up and while doing so given me the middle finger in the process. It frustrated me to see women my age with gorgeous long locks, meanwhile i was there with short frizzy none existent hair that might as well of been glued on hay. Needless to say i have been willing to try anything to get my hair to grow and i am going to share with you exactly that.

I searched online and read a few bloggers stories on their hair growth journeys and i was pretty convinced, however I still wanted proof that this actually worked and so i did what i always do, i tried it out for myself. I went to my local bodycare and purchased a small bottle of argon oil and started deeply massaging my scalp 3 times a week. I would sometimes leave the product in overnight in hopes it would somehow help a little bit more and i was not wrong it always made my hair luscious after washing it out. To my surprise in just 3 weeks my hair grew an inch longer, i carried on doing this for about two months and my hair has grown a total of 2 inches and a half which is shoulder length on me. The results were overwhelming and i could not believe it was working, so i wanted to take things a step further, try something completely unorthodox. I was willing to try whatever possible to try get my hair grow that little bit faster. I found something called Hairfinity which is supposed to be the best hair growth supplement to date, that being said the cost of hairfinity i know some people wont be able to afford. So off i go again with my research and i came across Perfectil supplements.

I compared the difference between hairfinity and Perfectil and they had the same ingredients if not fairly similar, but less dosage which is perfect because i didn't fancy using the highest my first try. I might have been vibrating across town by now through some kind of vitamin and biotin overdose. How sexy would that of been huh?. My experience in taking perfectil was not pleasant, the tablets are huge and the taste.. UGH. They are the taste equivalent of multivitamins in bigger form. It is ok if you like the taste of impending doom, but i sure don't so i usually took mine with a can of cola to somewhat drown out the taste of the devil trying to make a home in my mouth. In one box of Perfectil there are two plastic capsule containers, that is 30 tablets altogether. I have used 10 tablets from a pack of 15, by the tenth tablet i could already see my hair had grown half an inch from when i first took them. My hair is just about an inch below my shoulder. SUCCESS! Tablets that actually work. The fantastic thing about Perfectil is there are higher dosages of ingredients. I have just ordered Perfectil Platinum which has a higher dosage of biotin and collagen. There are so many different types to choose from you feel like a little kid choosing candy.

So what do i do now? I recommend this hair care routine for best results:

  • Mix Keratin oil, Argon oil into caster oil and deeply massage all over the scalp for 5 minutes twice a week.
  • Use Natural World Brazilian Keratin or Alberto VO5 Gloss me smoothly shampoo and conditioner. (wash hair 2 times a week)
  • Take one Perfectil supplement on a full stomach (make sure you drink at least one glass of water with this since it has lots of different vitamins)
  • When brushing hair start off brushing the bottom and work the way up gently to avoid lots of breakage and frizzing.

After doing all this your hair should start to kill off any dead hairs and have new ones sprout up. If this does not work for you, then you just need to experiment with different oils and different dosages of Perfectil ingredients. If it STILL does not work for you then something else might be the problem and i recommend going to see your doctor just in case. Let me know down below on your results i am excited to see if this works for you, good luck!


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