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Hair Care Products: Laser Helmets and Combs

Updated on August 2, 2011

Hair care

Hair care products:

Hair care is a huge industry and beauty discipline. Healthy and beautiful hair is one of the primary essentials of good looks. Treatment and nutrition – are not the only areas of hair care. There are special hair growth stimulation products as well as those treatments and products that deal with hair loss. With hair loss laser hair helmets and laser hair combs have become very popular nowadays. The article reviews hair loss problems (both for men and women), names hair loss treatments and professional hair care brands. Also here you will find reviews of the laser hair devices. Enjoy the post!


Hair loss causes:

1. Androgenic Alopecia is inherited loss of hair due to age-related hormonal malfunction.

2. Telogen Effluvium is caused by traumas and stress.

3. Lifestyle, health

4. Hairstyles and Chemicals

5. Environment (pollution, radiation)

Laser hair helmets

Laser hair helmets - Usually these are biotechnological, drug free, clinically proven and non-invasive devices. Laser hair helmets are simple to use, normally are battery-powered, and – as reported by production companies – have no side effects. They also claim this is a breakthrough solution to stimulate hair growth as the latest research in the area has been implemented in this new head technology. Who is it for? The laser helmets are designed for men and women whose hair turns thin, baldy, or those who face extensive hair loss problems. How it works? The hair stimulating effect becomes possible due to the electromagnetic field which is emitted in the laser helmet in pulsating waves (which are incomparably lighter than those used in mobile phones). It is reported that the low intensity waves have no negative effect on the organism but effectively stimulate cell processes in the organism and as a result lead to better hair growth.

Some laser hair helmets require special oils to be applied and massaged over the scalp before wearing the helmet. Usually laser helmet therapy requires regularity: few minutes per day, 10-20 minutes several times per week, or one session per week. The results should be evident in half a year. The price of the helmets varies from some $500 to $1500.

Laser Hair Combs

Laser Hair Combs - The idea behind this device is the same as with the helmet – laser beams stimulate hair follicles. The low-waves are seen as red light and likewise stimulate cell function and blood flow to scalp cells. Some people find  laser hair combs more convenient to operate rather than the laser hair helmets. It is just a matter of preferences. There are many helmets and combs manufactured and patented in the United States.

Among the non-laser products rejuvenating hair are:

1. food supplement tablets or topical scalp applications which effectively prevent hair loss;

2. hair growth reactivating nourishing treatments stimulating hair follicles;

3. hair care tier system including shampoo, gel, spray, lotions, and nutritional supplements;

4. hair surgery, transplant, and restoration procedures.

Introduction to the HairMax LaserComb


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