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Hair extensions, which type is right for you?

Updated on April 4, 2015

The decision to get hair extensions

I have always felt like I had thin hair, and even though people always said "no your hair isn't thin." I never believed them and I felt self conscience. So I decided to take the plunge and try them out. Luckily I found a lady who put them in for me and she did an amazing job! So for the next 4 years I just bought the same straight hair or occasionally a wavy style from the same manufacturer and that was that. THEN I had a parting of ways I guess you could say with my hair lady. That started the quest to find the easiest extension to DIY, and believe it or not my husband started watching YouTube videos so he could put them in for me.

We tried so many, it has really been a journey. Hopefully I can help you and make your decision a little bit easier & give you hope that they can in desperate times be put in at home.

Before Extensions


After Extensions

After extensions and some injectable and Botox and eye lashes..In case you notice a difference in my face lol.
After extensions and some injectable and Botox and eye lashes..In case you notice a difference in my face lol. | Source

There are a few things to consider before getting extensions.

  • Closure Piece-If you have thin hair on the top of your head, and you put extensions in they do not go all the way to the crown of your head, so you will need a closure piece that covers your hair on the top and attaches to the extensions on the side. It kind of sucks because it's similar to wearing a wig.
  • Fibers- If you have thin hair you can always use a product that is made by many different people but I actually prefer Caboki. It is the best quality, stays better and doesn't feel grimy or clumpy if you sweat. There is nothing worse than feeling hyper aware of something you think other people are noticing and in reality they aren't paying any attention at all. Just make sure you get a shade darker than your real hair as opposed to a shade lighter.
  • Wigs- You can wear wigs, they are pretty easy to put on and there are a million ways to use your own hair to create an illusion that will make it look like it's your real hair by using your hair in the very front and rolling it into the wig hair. The problem with wigs is that synthetic ones don't last long at all. Human hair wigs are better quality but for some reason they never lay right and in my experience I ended up hating it, but human hair wigs do last longer and are cheaper in the long run. So if you need a short wig get the human hair, if you want long hair to go to the club for cheap.. synthetic never hurt anyone.

See it for yourself Caboki

Closure Piece


Individual links


Micro link track


Lets get to the extensions: MICRO LINKS

Microlinks: Micro links are known as the most versatile and easiest to manage of all the installation methods. You can do individual wefts of hair attached by a micro link or you can get a track and attach it to the head with micro links. This is what I got when I had someone else doing my hair.

Tape-In Extension Installation


Tape In Extensions

Tape-In extensions look easy but require a very steady hand and hair that has some grip to it. I tried Tape-In and after a couple days they all slid right out. I even used two tracks so there was tape in the front and my hair was sandwiched between one in the back also. I know people that love Tape-In so I'm not going to say they won't work for you but it comes down to texture I think.

There is also 4 types of Tape-In's

  • One inch piece
  • Three inch piece
  • Five inch piece
  • Eight inch piece

I used the longer 8 inch pieces, I know a lot of hair stores sell the Tape-In in packages of multiple lengths to help fit your head the best without having to cut tracks in half.

Clip-In Extensions


Clip-In Extensions

Clip in extensions are literally so easy that even kids can put them in, it's virtually impossible to not be able to manage the extensions. The problem in my opinion is that it's very temporary and I hate things I have to take off and then I'm back to my regular hair again. I just imagine a single girl trying to date with temporary hair and she meets a guy with a full head of hair and then he finds out she is half bald.

Maybe clip in is best for married women or women who only occasionally wear the extensions to special events. I do have to say I have only tried the clip in bangs, I have not used the clip in extensions. I loved the clip in bangs I got from Jessica Simpsons website, they were super cute and easy to install, just a few clicks and you have bangs for the day.

Cold Fusion and other processes

Cold Fusion/Hot Fusion- To be honest I have no experience with either and they seem rather difficult and hard to install, not to mention messy. I'm not a fan of the glue route either. No need to damage the hair you do have!

Length's and Colors

The standard lengths that extensions come in are:

  • 14 inches
  • 16 inches
  • 18 inches
  • 20 inches
  • 22 inches

The color chart so you know what number your color is:

  • 1 is a Jet Black
  • 18 is Off Black
  • 2 is Dark Brown
  • 4 is Medium Dark Brown
  • 6 is Chestnut
  • 8 is Medium Brown
  • 22 is Light Blonde
  • 27 is Light Auburn
  • 30 is Medium Auburn
  • 33 is Dark Auburn

I will also post a picture of the more non-traditional colors

Number and color codes for dye or extensions

Do you wear extensions? Or do you plan to?

See results

© 2015 Karen Ranoni


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