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Beauty Parlors & Spa's( What goes on here)

Updated on October 31, 2012
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.


A Man & A Woman.

There is a special Wood Table as long as a Bed but with out a soft Mattress.The Man is in a sleeping position and perhaps his bare body is covered with several plantain leaf smeared with some oil from Kerala the Indian Heritage Capitol for Herbal Oils.A lady who is perhaps a Karate Expert is holding the Man's hand in her left hand,keeping her right hand for any emergency in case the man gets some naked idea's all of a sudden.This is the picture.The man is not there to do anything other than what he has ordered as per the tariff for various types of treatments that Spa has specialized such as oil massage,water massage by hand or by some gadgets used.

What does it cost to keep a face like this?


Can we say she has not gone to a Beauty Parlor.

May be this Lady is naturally like she is!!!

This is a picture to make a man look twice.

Keep your Face Natural.[ Use Turmeric.]

Beauty Parlors in Bangalore.

Any street anywhere any place you can see few pictures of film stars mostly a Miss World's photo with a small shop with a small door on either side you have glass panels fully covered with all types of empty bottles shown as if they are full.As a matter of fact they will be empty except the Hair Dye Bottle.Hair Dyeing is most common and other major thing is hair dressing by cutting their hairs in such a way some 15% continuously will be covering their left or right hair and they keep pushing it back all the time they are sitting in a coffee shop.The next thing is their eye brows no girl will leave her eye brows as they are they are trimmed or shaved and hand drawn with god knows what type of black color.Next comes pulling their hairs grown below their lips like a mo-stash like men. Then other things like bleaching etc goes on.

WE need to learn from Tamilians in Tamil Nadu,where they apply TURMERIC all over the girls face right from the day they feel its time to do it.The mothers take the responsibility.

Why cant our lady's do it to our baby girls so that their face is naturally beautiful let them use turmeric face wash every day if they do not know how to do they should learn and save money.The monthly facials bill for a lady is minimum Rs.3,000/-


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