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Laser hair removal treatments, risks & side effects

Updated on December 5, 2015

What we would love to look like.

What we sometimes end up with.

Laser hair removal treatments are modern procedures for the removal of unwanted or unsightly body hair from virtually any area of the body.

Both men and woman can benefit from laser hair removal treatments and is used by athletes to improve performance whilst running, cycling or swimming and has been used by movie stars for decades to enhance facial features and provide a more youthful appearance in front of the television cameras.

The use of laser hair removal treatments can instil an outgoing confidence in clients allowing them to feel free from ugly hair growth. The laser treatment works by the laser technician passing an extremely hot laser beam over the area to receive laser hair removal surgery.

The individual hair follicle absorbs the heat which damages the growth potential of the follicle. After several sessions of laser hair removal treatments the follicle growth is inhibited to such a degree that no or very little will grow over a length of time.


Laser hair removal is FDA approved for permanently reducing hair growth on treated areas. Hair will grow back in the treated areas but will be greatly reduced and possibly finer.

It is against the law to perform laser hair removal treatments on any person under the age of eighteen years without written parental or guardian permission.

WARNING- untrained laser technicians

Before any prospective client wishes to proceed with any type of laser surgery it is imperative that they consult with the laser technician directly.

In many parts of the world including the USA and England, there are no qualifications required for a person to operate the technologically advanced Q-switched lasers.

That means that anybody can do it and set up their own practice with no references or experience. It is advisable to see proof of experience from any laser technicians and discover how long the laser technician has been operating.

Only use an experienced and recommended laser technician and ask to see before and after photographs, documentation showing proof or even get patients phone numbers.

Laser Surgery Risks

Laser hair removal procedures are like any other type of non-surgical medical treatments, there are certain risks involved and the laser hair removal technician is obliged to indicate to each person the possible risks that they will face.

If a technician implies that no pain will be felt and there are no serious risks or side effects of laser surgery involved, seek a second opinion from another technician elsewhere.

Burning Skin

Initially the skin will turn white as the heat from the laser beam penetrates the skin. The treated area will turn red within minutes and varies in color degree according to skin tone. The burned skin is similar to sunburn and will disappear in a few days. A cooling agent or gel is applied before laser surgery commences to assist in the dissipation of the heat.


There is a certain amount of pain involved when receiving any type of laser surgery depending on the pain threshold of the patient. A stinging sensation will last for several days before dissipating. Mild pain killers may be taken to reduce the feeling.

Scabs & Crusting

These are simply the bodies own natural defences protecting the skin. They should not be picked at as it my cause permanent scarring of the skin.


This occurs when the scabs or crusting are picked at or the laser technician has allowed the laser to get to hot or has used the laser excessively in one area.

This is a good reason why a prospective laser hair removal client should always seek out a laser technician from a reliable source.

Skin discoloring

Hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation are very serious complaints where the skin pigmentation can lighten or darken. This may occur on very rare occasions but always be prepared.

Skin bleaching agents may help lighten skin which has gone dark due to the laser and may take months or years for the skin color to nearly match the original pigmentation. The laser technician will prescribe certain skin products which may help. It may be wise to secure a compensation package for any skin defects which may occur during laser surgery prior to any work being undertaken, contracts signed, or money exchanging hands.

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