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Hair shampoo out of my oh wow moment

Updated on October 20, 2014
Baking soda; cream & powder
Baking soda; cream & powder | Source

Have You Ever Had an “Ah, Ha” That Turned into an “Oh, Wow”?

I sure have! That’s what happened when I was cleaning my carpet. I enjoy using everyday products to clean, shine and polish. You know “home remedies”. Remedies handed down from your mother, who heard it from her mother, who heard it from her mother, etc.

One of my favorite “tried and true” remedies is for removing peanut butter from hair. I was a gum chewer when I was a kid. Unfortunately I would fall asleep with the gum still in my mouth. As the night progressed my gum would slowly works its way out of my mouth, and you guessed it, into my hair! I would wake up with this huge blob of pink, sticky, gooey hair. What a mess! Fortunately my mom always had a jar of peanut butter handy just for such occasions. She would smear some peanut butter on the pink blob of gum. Then, she would work it in with her fingers and voila’! the gum would begin to dissolve! Bit by bit the gum would break down into small bead-like balls. Mom would have a tissue available to catch the balls of gum as they broke down and separated from the hairs. It would take only a few minutes and the gum would be gone. It’s those home remedies that I enjoy the most. An impossible situation resolved with a scoop of peanut butter.

For the Hair

Peanut Butter smeared on globs of gum in hair will dissolve the gum so it can be combed out easy.

Baking soda mixed with shampoo and some water will clean hair and leave it shining.

It Started With the Carpet

A similar home remedy is what brought me from an “ah, ha” moment to an “oh, wow” one day when I was cleaning my carpet!

With three young children in my house I have to do “spot” cleaning often. Juice, spaghetti, soda pop, pets they can all leave tough stains. Sometimes it seems like the stain has taken over the entire fiber of the carpet. I use one of the home remedies mom taught me a long time ago. It works like a charm every time, leaving the carpet clean and shimmering.

When I moved into my house I learned that the carpet was five years old, and it looked every bit of those five years! I got to work on it right away!

  • First, I identified the areas of the carpet that needed special attention.
  • Then, I took a box of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) and sprinkled a pile of baking soda on the area. Enough so it looked like it had snowed heavily.
  • Third, I took an old, somewhat clean, cloth and worked the baking soda into the carpet with a twisting motion. Press and twist. Press and twist. The carpet should have a swirl mark where you worked it if you were twisting properly. If it's a tough stain, wait a few minutes (10-15) and go back and do the press and twist again.
  • Lastly, I would vacuum up the baking soda and the stain with it!

If you're having odor problems with your carpet:

  • Sprinkle a light dusting on the entire carpet.
  • Let it set for 20 minutes.
  • Vacuum.

For deep down stink in the carpet:

  • Sprinkle carpet with baking soda.
  • Take a sponge mop and spread the baking soda with it. Work it into the carpet like your mopping the carpet.
  • Wait 20 minutes.
  • Vacuum.

While I was gazing at how nice the carpet had come out, I felt satisfied that I clearly won this fight and removed the stains. Then I thought, “Why isn’t there a shampoo that would make my hair clean and shimmering like that? That’s when it hit me, “Oh, WOW! Why don’t I use it on my hair like shampoo? I’ll put together a shampoo using my spot cleaning formula and try it on my hair!”

I figured it couldn't hurt, it's just baking soda, so I gave it a try!

Tell Me What You Think!

Did you try it? Did you like it?

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It's important to start with a good quality shampoo. Second rate shampoo can be heavy and weigh down your hair or so light it becomes frizzy and unmanageable.

When mixing the shampoo and baking soda, add some water to the mix to thin it out. It will lather up easier and rinse out faster because it is thinner.

For the Hair

I combined baking soda with my favorite shampoo and shampooed my hair. I finished with a good conditioner. What a surprise! My hair had a shine that was incredible and it felt so clean! It was definitely felt lighter, cleaner and silky!

I have been using baking soda several years now to wash my hair, along with anything else I need to clean. I have found I can use less shampoo and it still produces a rich lather. I wash my hair twice a week with the baking soda formula and the rest of the time I wash with just shampoo. Washing with baking soda too often may stripe the hair of it's natural oils completely which would dull the luster.

I have also found my hair dries faster. When I dry my hair the hairs don't clump up as they did before, requiring more time on the blow drier. Now when I brush my wet hair out the hairs separate and stay separated making it dry faster.

More Ideas With Baking Soda

If you like the results you get with baking soda, try this link to find even more ideas for using baking soda around the house!


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  • Msmillar profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from Valley Springs

    Thanks indanila - I would love to tell you what I used for the carpet, but then my secret ingredient would be exposed and selling my shampoo would be pointless.

  • indanila profile image

    Inda Blackwell 

    6 years ago from Hampton Roads

    Nice hub, so what did you use for the carpet?!!! I hate carpet stains. I don't wash my hair, just co-wash with conditioner. Interesting hub.


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