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Shopping for the most suitable type of Hair weave

Updated on September 7, 2011
A great many types of hair weave are available on the market but it is important that you buy not necessarily the most expensive or best but that which is best for you. By best for you this includes your hair type and also how long you will be using the hair weave and the extent to which you wish to style it.

Where to shop
When you shop for hair extensions you need plenty of honest advice about what to buy, if you go to a salon then you are likely to be sold a hair weave that they have to fit and you can’t do yourself at home. In some cases this will be the best option but not always. If you go to niche online stores selling only hair weaves they are likely to have a full range of hair weave types, this means that they are unlikely to try to sell you something that isn’t right for you plus of course you have no pressure from a salesperson.

Attachment Types
What is most important is usually to find the best type of hair weave based on how it is fixed to your current hair: some look better than others and some are easier to fit at home than others. What you choose depends very much on how long you want to have the hair extension in for and if you want to reuse it. A clip in extension can be reused: they are easy to fit so you can use them occasionally or on a daily basis: they don’t look as realistic as some other types though: partly as lumps from the clips may be obvious, especially on thin hair.  Micro ring hair weaves are also a good way to fit hair weaves you may want to remove and reuse: they take longer than clip ins to fit but can stay in longer and don’t look obvious like clip ins may. For medium term hair extensions that you want in for a few weeks glue in hair weaves may be best and can be pre bonded for very easy application. Quick to add they look good and also stay in for some time and the glue should be waterproof, the quality of glue is important so it is worth spending a little more. Braids and weaves though are the best option for long term hair extension use that will look natural as the hair is attached directly to your own hair making it look and act like your own hair.

Synthetic or Natural Hair Weaves
Having said that you don’t always need the most expensive once you know what type of hair weave to opt for it is a good idea to spend a little more for better quality, this will be the quality of the hair itself particularly. Be especially careful buying online and buy from a reputable site to know what type of hair you are buying and how good it is; in a store you can sometimes see and feel the hair before buying. Synthetic hair is poor, even the best synthetic hair will not be as good as poorer quality natural hair. Also try to avoid a mixture of synthetic and natural hair for your hair weave as they are unlikely to match. Also be aware that real hair in a hair weave will usually be human hair but check as sometimes all or part of it can be animal hair. Once you have established that a hair weave is real human hair consider whether you go for dropped or Remy hair and virgin or processed hair. Remy hair is better generally and longer lasting as wefts of hair are removed from a person’s head and kept together so that all hairs have cuticle facing in the same direction: this means you can fit them to sit in the direction they originally grew. As for virgin hair this is also longer lasting as it won’t have been treated with chemicals that destroy the protective cuticle layer of the hair. Processed hair though might be what you need if you are after a hair weave in a very specific colour. Hair weaves are often from Asian hair that is black or dark brown to start but also very thick and strong: it must be bleached and then dyed though to make it into other colours.


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