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Hair Loss on the Bathroom Floor

Updated on August 25, 2012
My hair is a bit sparse but not this sparse yet.
My hair is a bit sparse but not this sparse yet.

My Hair is Falling Out

I think I am starting to experience Hair Loss. Why am I losing so much hair, I am not even a man; unfortunately hair loss also affects women. The bathroom is the culprit I say, I am forever picking up hair off the bathroom floor and out of the tub; the bathroom must have something to do with it. Do we want the true stats on hair loss, what is the average hair loss per day? From what I have found it is normal to shed on average about 50 to 100 hairs per day or about 1,500 hairs every 30 days, dependent on how many active hair follicles you have; 100,000 to 120,000.

How great is your hair loss, is cleaning up after yourself causing you to have to run a cloth over the bathroom floor at least a couple of times a day? You know what I say, get a DustBuster and attach it to the wall somewhere near your bathroom so it’s always handy; the task will be quick and simple. Keeping in mind having a DustBuster handy will not help you with your hair loss but it will make cleaning it up a lot less annoying.

As an alternative to the DustBuster I found another good idea on the internet, go to the dollar store, buy a sticky roller or 2; perhaps 20 if you lose hair like me. Do a quick hair/lint roll over the bathroom floor space; better yet, rig yourself up a handle, similar to a painting extension handle and then you don’t have to be bending over to get at that hair; personally I prefer the DustBuster method.

The question I have is, how on earth do we still have hair on our head when we lose so much of it daily? Should we count the hairs that fall out to see if we are in the norm for hair loss? It’s simpler to just average it out I think so that is what I will do, I would say I probably lose 50 to 75 hairs per day. My hair is dark and past my shoulders so it is more noticeable, but my other half does comment on all the hair that continues to accrue, mostly on the bathroom floor. Hey, I do clean it up but it keeps on returning to the bathroom floor, I seem to shed more than our dog.

For those that are wondering at their hair loss there is a simple test that can help you to determine if you are truly losing hair. Pull on several strands of your hair and you’ll notice if they come out easily at the root and if so your hair is indeed shedding. Hair Loss or shedding can be caused by many different factors, so don’t fret until you have all the facts, the loss may not be an ongoing process. Are you on a new medication, are you going through a lot of stress lately, do you have any other health issues going on? If you have no other health issues going on, be happy and buy a wig when it gets to be too sparse. Do you know how many movie stars wear wigs?

Let’s take it with humor and blame the bathroom, the bathroom is a thief and stealing our hair with its ever powerful hair attracting force. Hair loss, there are many remedies out there, do we want to sift through all the possibilities or do we just want to go the easy route and buy a wig?

Please remember, if your hair loss is sudden you need to see your Doctor to ensure that there is not an underlying serious issue which is causing the sudden change. Due diligence will stave off the bogey man, should he figure that he wants to come knocking at your door.

Is your Blow Dryer a contributing Culprit to you Hair Loss?

I have recently made a discovery that many of you most likely realized quite some time ago. Your Blow Dryer, could this be part of the cause for your hair loss? Is your hair all frizzy after you give it a blow dry?

I have recently went out and purchased a new blow dryer and wow, what a difference it makes, I can vouch for that one personally. I bought an ionic ceramic blow dryer and trust me, it does make a world of difference. Try it yourself and let me know. Say goodbye to the majority of your frizzy issues. If you must use a blow dryer, use one that is a lot less damaging to your hair.


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    • Magdelene profile image

      Magdelene 5 years ago from Okotoks

      Beth, great comment, I'll agree that the dryer is in cahoots, lol. Darn hair on the bathroom floor, there should be some kind of vortex in there that automatically sucks it into outer space so we don't have to deal with it.

    • Beth100 profile image

      Beth100 5 years ago from Canada

      I say, the bathroom floor is in cahoots with the dryer for stealing hair and socks!!!

      Funny yet serious -- :)