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Whiskey Gone Sour! What is your Hairdresser Really Thinking?

Updated on July 7, 2016

Hairdressers ... or Whiskey gone Sour? What your hairdresser is really going through.

Hairdressing Whiskey gone Sour

Whiskey Gone Sour!

Hairdressing is like whiskey, it can age with taste, or sour badly, what can be done about it is another story. This article will explain and portray all aspects of the beauty, and fashion business that is either hidden from the public eye, or needs changing.

The Hairdresser has a commercial portrayal, but who are they really?

When the client comes in they are forced to flash that familiar smile expected of them, this might be the beginning of the whiskey gone sour analogy.

If the licensed hairdresser is lucky enough an assistant will shampoo their client and seat them in the chair. Once the client is in the hairdresser’s chair they will state the openings of, “hello,” “how are you” and “how would you like your hair done today?” Every week they know the answer. Just like last week please.

The scissors are like a paintbrush, but not seen as such, instead they are looked at as a mechanical tool. The hairdresser stands looking at the same face in the mirror, and the client is still telling them not to change anything and do the same thing they have done for twenty years.

Yes that’s right, twenty years. Flashes in the hairdresser’s mind of hosing the client down while in the shampoo sink, or raking the comb too harshly on their scalp is a reality for this lack of consideration. They are an artist, not the stereo type, gum chewing hairdresser that is displayed in most movies and TV shows. How dare anyone keep them so confined with such artistic talent and with a state license no less? Does anyone realize they have taken basic nursing classes and state exams to be have a license in their state?

The owner of the salon spends the day watching their employees using their own supplies, hair dryer, scissors, and possibly charging them for the products and chair that they use. With a grit of their teeth and nod, a curse might be mouthed remembering the hospital bills left on the kitchen table.

They have no hospitalization insurance or any benefits for that matter. The owner has some magical ability to speak without words, and with silent indication they point out the counters needing dusting or the towels piled on the dryer needing to be folded. That’s right they’re a maid now too, and if they are real lucky they turn into the go get lunch person.

Life is wonderful its Saturday the day most people enjoy family and community functions, but not when the whiskey has gone sour. The week is over and they leave the salon with aching feet, plus missing every Saturday social event there is in life. If they ask for a Saturday off it’s like testing the wires of a bomb, not knowing which one is red or green, waiting for the explosion from their employer. It’s a hidden law; Saturday is a day never to be asked to take off. Saturday, the busiest day of the week and no one can cover them.

If they are lucky enough to be granted this fair wish of a Saturday off, there is the ebbing guilt when they walk in Tuesday, they will get the -look- from the owner.

Taking these situations for how many years? …Bah... spit…the whiskey has gone sour!!!!

Can hairdressing be aged to professionalism, like whiskey can be aged for taste? Stay tuned for the next article where you will find answers to the above situations.

Copyright/All Rights Reserved B. A. Williams


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