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Hairstyles For Short Natural Hair

Updated on May 9, 2012
Two Strand Twists
Two Strand Twists | Source
Wild Curls From Flat Twist out
Wild Curls From Flat Twist out | Source
Flat Ironed
Flat Ironed | Source

I recently cut my hair for the summer. where I live is very hot. It averages 114 degrees in the summer months. So you can imagine, long hair is not very comfortable. I also cut it because I wanted to have short hair at least once in my life. I always thought girls that wore short hair had more confidence in their beauty. I’m not saying this is always the case. It’s just my thought. I was inspired to take a risk with my hair by some of my friends who wore short hair. I thought, “I’m beautiful and I want to experiment dang it!” So I went to the salon, and cut 7 inches of hair off. When the hairdresser finished, I was shocked at how much hair was gone.

Since I cut my hair, I have discovered that short hair is very versatile. New hair means new hairstyles. I can’t just pull it back in a boring pony anymore. Here are a few ways I’ve been styling it.

Flat Ironed

Even though I’m natural, I like to straighten my hair once in a while.

This style is pretty easy as long as you have a good flatiron. Don’t use cheap flat irons on natural hair. They usually get hotspots on the plates and burn hair. I recommend the “Sedu” flat iron. It is a professional ceramic flatiron that won’t burn your hair. You can purchase this flat iron on ““.

So here is how I flatiron my hair

  • I wash and condition my hair with a shampoo that contains dimethicone, or silicone. Any shampoo that contain ingredients with “cones” will work. This is a great ingredient for heat styled hair. It protects the hair from heat damage
  • After washing and conditioning my hair, I used “Chi Keratin Mist” to detangle. This is supposed to strengthen and restore hair keratin. I can’t tell if it works, because my hair is already healthy. I use it whenever I flatiron for extra protection .
  • Next I use Shea butter. I only used it on the ends of my hair, because it can cause build- up if used near the scalp.
  • After applying the Shea butter I separate my hair in sections with clips. I usually part hair into 3 sections on each side of my head.
  • I then blow dry my hair, section by section. This is not a long process, it usually takes 7 minutes at the most. After blow drying each section I twist and roll it back into the hair clips. This will make it easier for flat ironing.
  • Next I apply “IC Heat Protector Straightening Serum. Again I don’t apply hair products near my scalp. I don’t oil my scalp. It isn’t necessary and actually clogs your pores. Unless you have a skin condition there is no need to “oil your scalp” your scalp produces oils on its own. it’s the hair that needs moisture.
  • Then I flat iron my hair on the lowest temperature necessary, to straighten it. If you want your hair to revert to its natural state, then it is important to flatiron on a low setting. Excessive heat can damage hair, and permanently degrade the curl pattern.
  • When its time to wash my hair I use a clarifying shampoo. This removes the heat protectants. The ingredients in heat serums keep moisture out. This can be bad if you want hair to stay moisturized. This is why I flatiron less often.

Here is how to flatiron

Two Strand Twists

Two strand twists are one of my favorite natural hairstyles. They look awesome on short hair. They’re very easy to do and maintain.

  • First I wash my hair with Trader Joes Tree Tea Tingle shampoo, then finish with Trader Joes Nourishing Spa conditioner. The Tree Tingle shampoo contains gentle cleansing oils. It moisturizes as it cleanses. This shampoo contains no harsh sulfates. The Nourishing Spa conditioner smells amazing, and it actually works!
  • I detangle my hair in the shower using loads of conditioner. The conditioner prevents breakage, and makes detangling super easy.
  • After washing and conditioning, I use Komaza Care Coconut Curl Hair Lotion. This Lotion contains only natural ingredients. Ingredients like: coconut oil, cocoa butter, coconut milk, palm oil, vitamin E. This moisturizes hair without making it greasy. It’s also wonderfully fragrant. You can only purchase this product on the Komaza Care website
  • After moisturizing my hair I use clips to place it into 6 sections.
  • I then part my hair into little sections, as if I were doing box braids. I separate the hair into two pieces. I start from the crown. I twist the two pieces around each other, as if I were twisting two strands of rope around each other. You can make your twists any size. It may take an hour or more depending on how long your hair is
  • I keep my twists in for 4-5 days. Hair results depend on how often your hair needs washing and hair texture. I sleep on a satin pillow to keep my twists from getting fuzzy.

how to twist hair/Flat twist

Flat Twist Out

I love Flat Twist Outs. It’s been my favorite hair style since cutting my hair. A flat twist out is like cornrows but with twists.

  • I use the same washing, conditioning and moisturizing method as two strand twists.
  • The only difference is I flat twist my hair against my scalp. I put them in neat little rows. I don’t make these twist very small because I want big waves and curls. You can experiment with the size of your twists depending on the look you want.
  • I usually put them in at night. My hair dries during the night and I wake up with lovely curls
  • When I wake up I gently pull apart all the twists and fluff my hair a little.
  • You can fluff your hair a lot or a little depending on the volume you want.
  • I like my hair wild and curly so I fluff it a lot. I don’t mind a little “frizzyness”
  • Its very important not to brush or comb your hair once you take out the twists. It will make hair frizzy and defeat the whole purpose of the twist out.


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    • toomuchmint profile image

      toomuchmint 6 years ago

      Very interesting hub! The photos of the two-strand twist are great. Thanks for sharing!


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