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Hairstyles For Young Men

Updated on July 23, 2011

Throughout the years, hairstyles for young men have evolved and changed. Today, the styles chosen by young men have evolved and become a reflection of their personal style. While many young people are influenced by the styles of their favorite star or musician. Young people today are much more inclined to create a variation of styles that they like and make it their own.

Categorizing young men's styles is no longer as easy as in the past. Trends are not as easily identified with the increase of independent thought and action. While many media groups and fashion analysts have tried to convince young people that short hair is the pending fashion trend for the last few years, this has fallen on deaf ears. Young people have created variations of a short style that does not fall within the "short" cut category. Young people today are stepping beyond the expectations of others and creating their own signature fashion statement.

Emo Style
Emo Style

One of the styles that is most popular today with many young people is an emotional or "emo" style. This is a popular style because it can be personalized very easily and does not force the wearer into a specific style or look. The hair is cut in layers and the top is long. A section of the hair is dyed in a color that stands out and reflects the way that the wearer feels. There are many variations of this style and it allows the wearer to create a structured look when needed but is equally fashionable when worn in a loose style.

Cool Short Hair
Cool Short Hair

Young people are wearing styles that are not limited by gender. Hair has become a blank canvass upon which the style becomes the individual's artistic statement of personal style. Short hair is maintained with the same diligence as long hair and the length of hair is no longer an indication of status or class.

Highlighted Scene Hair
Highlighted Scene Hair

Highlights are very popular with any type of style and one will often see the use of highlighting on short spike cuts that give the wearer a summer look. Many young people select colors that would are distinctive and bright. They may be highlighting a style or primary color or enhancing a Gothic look.

When a young person selects their first style, they are taking a step toward independence. Styles will often change regularly until the style that creates their signature look is found. Colors can range from highlighting to sectioned colors that provide a distinct look and style.


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