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Trendy Hairstyle Ideas for Women with Short Hair

Updated on September 22, 2014

How do you feel more confortable with: short, or long hair?

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Hairstyles for Short Hair

Hairstyles for short hair are probably the easiest to take care of so long as you know how to wear it. Once you have found the right haircut for your style and personality, then you will have no problem with maintaining it at its best. Many people pay a lot of attention to their hairstyle precisely for the fact they want to achieve a look they are comfortable with.

For this reason, hairstylists still earn good money with this career choice. You will find beauty parlors where you actually need to book a haircut session with a skilled and professional hairstylist. It is their experience and their professional eye that will find the right haircut to emphasize your looks in such a way that you can draw attention of the passers by with the newly achieved hairstyle.

Nowadays you can find the hairstyle for short hair that outlines the beautiful contour of your face, the hairstyle that can add more volume to its body. There are so many variations of different short haircuts that it is practically impossible not to find one that perfectly complements your look. You may find the chic look where a straight hair is shortly cut to break into lovely curls just below the eye level that brings a lovely frame to your face format. Another style is the one that parts your hair to one side while the top part of the hair is layered in such a way that confers the cut a 'messy' style.

Fringes that come as waves just above the eyebrows while the rest of the hair is shortly cut to bring a fresh aspect of your face it can be as well another hairstyle for short hair. What about that Tom Boy look where the hairs are styled with mousse to make older faces look younger?

You may cut your long hair just above the shoulders and part it asymmetrically where some colored highlights can improve the look by making it softer and more elegant. If you have a fair hair you can go for burgundy color or having a dark brown hair you can choose the light blonde highlighting. As to the hairstyle for short hair highlights are better used when you choose the spikes to 'decorate' your new look.

It may seem a big step to take when it comes to styling your long hair into a short hairstyle, this is why it is important to consult with a hairstylist before you make this move. You will find out that once you do it, there is practically a wide range of options to do your hair, hence improving your look. With the guidance of a hairstylist you can make sure that your hair will get the right cut while considering the factors that will complete your new image quest.

Never take into account the possibility of replicating a hairstyle for short hair that goes well with a celebrity figure simply because it belongs to a celebrity style. You need to find the one that complements your own personality and style and once you get it, you will find it very rewarding.


Short hairstyles trends can be of a wide range of styles given the fact that many celebrities these days pay a lot of attention to this aspect. In the past there were few famous actresses and singers going for the short hairstyle; in fact this type of haircut was called Tom Boy because women were seen more like having a manly appearance when wearing their hair cut shortly.

But for the past three years, short hairstyles have become very popular. We have started to see more and more actresses and singers going for this style and for this fact short hairstyles trends will follow the tradition of the past years.

Celebrities such as Kirsten Dunst, Winona Ryder, Ophra Winfrey, Sharon Stone, Michelle Williams, Kyra Knightley, and many others have adopted the short hairstyle which conferred a new and more refreshed look to their overall aspect. More than this, short hair cut it is much easier to take care of and manage regardless for the event you need to attend to.

These days, you will find all sorts of hairstyles, each one of them coming with its characteristics that imprint the face a specific look. The same can be said about the short hairstyles trends so long as these ones carry the features of the hairstyles of the past years.

Many of these styles can be said to confer the face a graceful look that tends pretty soon into becoming almost a classic look. What is beneficial of these short hairstyles, is the fact that they go perfectly for any age with older women favoring it the mostly. For this age group, short hairstyles will definitely make them look more eloquent and younger.

If you are now wearing long hair and you are tempted to change your looks by choosing any of the short hairstyles trends, it is important to take into account the format of your face to which a short hair cut adapts the best. It is an exciting experience that you can get because you can start gradually while testing various options: from the chin length of short haircut to the bob cut or even shorter.

But let's see what short hairstyle trends are there to choose from: layers, pixie, shag, bang, bob, curls and sedu. Each of these styles should be carefully considered prior to having your hairstylist handling the scissors and the haircut machine. For instance, having straight hair you can go with short layered style or pixie cut. Sedu hairstyle can go for various options of having it styled depending on the length of the hair and of your face format.

It is also interesting to mention here that with any short hairstyle trends various styling variations are possible from elegant to messy, the latter one coming with a choppy cut performed in a messy manner where light bangs are present to trying a simple Tom Boy cut.


There are several ways that a woman can make use of in order to change her looks and choosing a short hairstyle with bangs can be the one to perfectly complement your aspect. In this respect, the fashion world where hairstylists have their own influence, comes periodically with styles to accommodate new and unique appearances.

There are models on catwalks, celebrities stepping on red carpet to bring in the new trends that ordinary people follow as well in their attempt to be as trendy as the current time requires. Choosing a great hairstyle can turn a common face into a more sensual one so long as the chosen hairstyle is the suitable one.

The short hairstyle with bangs for women can make you look prettier conferring your face a fresher aspect. Adding layers while you have opted for bangs style you can obtain a perfect 'tuning' of your face. Several celebrities have chosen bangs and layers style with the short hairstyle with bangs attracting the attention of their audience.

Now it doesn't matter whether you opt to cut the length of your hair or prefer letting it hang over the shoulders, there are several options to style your hair when bangs are incorporated. Check down below with the following ideas for both short and longer tresses:

* One style comes in the form of Cleopatra bangs. However, not all women faces can accommodate this short hairstyle with bangs, but if your face allows it, then you can definitely obtain a stunning look. You can as well choose to have the bangs swept at one side giving your face a more sensual and softer makeover. Layered styles where the bangs are swept at the sides will accommodate perfectly those women who have chosen to preserve their long hair.

* Asymmetrical bangs can work perfect for you regardless if you choose the long layered haircuts where there are curls included in the texture of your hair. You can opt for cutting the ends conferring the look a tapered appearance and then sweep the bangs on the side to complete the sensuality of the overall look. At this point you may have to keep the hair straightened at the bangs level because in this way you can easily manage it.

* Bohemian haircut can go very nice with the short hairstyles with bangs so long as there are some curls involved letting them loose with their length touching the chin. It can be perfectly complemented with a hair band that is placed on top of the bangs to achieve the Bohemian style. Depending on your outfit, you can as well choose to accessorize the hair band with a floral motif or some feather-like patterns.

Short hairstyles with bangs can be a great option for women who have an oval format of the face and a large forehead. It is however important to consult with a hairstylist when you want to go for the bangs to make sure whether keeping them on the forehead is better or sweeping them at one side should be mostly preferred.

For Black Women

It may come as a surprise to you when we say that short hairstyle for black women looks truly fantastic, not to mention that it has become quite a trend these days to wear this type of hairstyle.

It goes without saying that women, generally speaking, can increase their femininity by simply allowing their hair to grow and fall voluptuously on their back. It goes the same for black women especially that they have the great chance to straighten up their naturally curled hair. But have you wondered how your face and your overall looks will appear if you consider having a short hairstyle for black women?

Aside from the fact, that the type of face and format of the skull will greatly influence the image of your freshly short cut hair, you must know that there are various short hairstyles that can perfectly accommodate your face. In this way, you don't have to strictly rely on the above mentioned factors, since there is a short hairstyle for each and every black woman.

Check down below with the most popular ones:

* Ultra sleek and straight short hairstyle for black women.

This can be the perfect option for those women who do not have exactly a long hair, but mostly the length that reaches the shoulders. The ultra sleek look confers your face a certain softness of the face features while being able to adjust it to any type of clothing, from casual to more formal.

It is that type of look that can be beautifully arranged while using the hair mousse or simply let it be natural when going out for a night out with friends. It is however important to always make sure that you straighten it up for not allowing the curls to come back to life. There is as well the alternative of having it treated for a semi-permanent straightening.

* Spiky short hairstyle for black women.

It is a style that can let you play with your hair in any way you find it possible to complement both your face shape and the outfit you are wearing. In case you want to have it fixed more professionally, especially if this is your first time you wear your hair shortly cut, you can resort to the assistance of a hair stylist. This is usually the way that many black women go with, when they need to attend a special event.

* Why not curls or wavy short hairstyle for black women?

Who said that straight or spiky are the best hairstyles for black women? Why not leaving your hair as it is: in a natural curly or wavy state? This will allow you get your hair stylized in wavy designs if you have a specialist hair stylist to do this for you. Check with the way many black female artists wear their short hairstyle. Halle Berry is such an example. She often wears this wavy-like design with a layered cut that looks very sensual and feminine on her.

Hairstyles for Your Face Shape

For Round Faces

It is necessary to make things clear from the very beginning when it comes to short hairstyles for round faces: there is a difference between chubby faces and round faces. The latter one comes actually as a round geometric form of a face, while the former is mostly the form of a face with fat cheeks or having extra fat that exists in the specific body.

If we were to choose a shape of a face that goes with any type of hairstyle, then we should choose oval shape. This one adjusts just perfectly to any hairstyle that exists in the specialized cosmetic parlors and catalogs.

But with the short hairstyles for round faces, you must not go wrong because with a bad choice you can only make the things worse: either confer your face more chubbiness or make it look more round. One solid choice in this respect would be in that the hair volume forming around your face should not be thick. You can for instance consider having your short hairstyle for round face with the hair length reaching the chin level. This is a style that confers richness and elegance.

If you take a look at some of the celebrities who have chosen the short hairstyle for their new look you will find that their beauticians and hairstylists have found the perfect hair cut for them. Some examples are: Cameron Diaz, Kirsten Dunst, Catherine Zeta Jones and Halle Berry and Michelle Williams. It is therefore important for you to do more research and find out which short hairstyle for round face is the best for you. If you do this before visiting the hairstyle salon it is even better. If you still can not make any decision in this respect you should definitely look for those beauty parlors that provide consultancy in this matter.

However, take a look at the following guideline and maybe you will find a piece of advice that will be suitable to your needs:

* It is important to break the volume of the face by breaking the hair volume and one such short hairstyle for round face to achieve this is the pixie cut. This is a style that will preserve the volume of the short hair as it is but you can as well achieve a sexy look if you consider wearing it in the wet-like style. This style is very popular with many actresses regardless if they have a round or oval face. It goes perfectly for both of these types of face.

* Choosing to leave the hair cut of the length that goes to the level between the chin and shoulder. This is another favorite look where short hairstyle for round faces will result into is the shaggy look coming with wispy ends of hair. This will turn your overall appearance into a very sensual one and it seems that it is also very widely favored by many celebrities.


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    • skye2day profile image


      3 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      You put much effort into your hub. Great job. Thank you! Short hair is my thing. I can only dream I was as gorgeous as the woman on the page. Well beauty is an inside job. God Bless you. Sending hugs your way.

      PS SHARED voted


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