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Trendy Hairstyles for African-American Men

Updated on August 3, 2010

Naturally curly hair is a dream come true for some women, but can be challenging for a black man. With so many different hairstyles for women out there, men are sometimes left with just a few to work with. However, there are quite a few African American hairstyles for men that are trendy, hip, and offer a bit of sex appeal, and many black men are taking advantage of those cuts.

Knowing which hairstyle is going to fit the man takes a look at the man himself. He needs something that is going to fit his personality, compliment his style, and most importantly, look good with his face shape. Choosing the right style is important; a round face doesn't look good with an afro just like a long face doesn't look good with six inches of hair flaring up. The right coif can make the man.

John Legend naturally curly hairstyle
John Legend naturally curly hairstyle
Michael Jackson afro hair
Michael Jackson afro hair

Twist Hair

A new contemporary twist on the vintage afro is making it rounds: a well-coiffed afro. This is for the stylish man who enjoys his hair just a bit longer than other styles. He is a risk taker, in his professional life as well as personal, and can carry the sophistication-meets-the-rock-star look easily. Whether the hair is an inch or five inches long, paired with a trendy wardrobe and the right attitude, anyone can pull this off easily.


Dreadlocks are a thing of the past for most men, but there is still that longing at times for a bit of dread. That is why the shorter version is popular now; a very hip and stylish look. The short dreads are a bit more laid back, yet trendy and sharp when paired with a polished and contemporary wardrobe. A young urban man can sport the short dreads easily and comfortably.

Shaved Hairstyle

When you want to show everyone that even a refined man can be suave during the day and the life of the party at night, you go for a close shaved hairstyle. This cut takes the hair close to the scalp, without shaving it all off. It's ideal for the man who is constantly on the go, having to jump from one end of his lifestyle to the other. It looks sophisticated paired with a suit and hip with streetwear, making it the ideal choice for a busy man.

Baldness for some men is something to run from, but when they realize just how much sex appeal it can give them, they are more than happy to shave it off. A confident man can carry this look off easily, as many are now doing. It has style and class, and paired with a winning smile and right attitude, attracts the right kind of attention.


Once a man has the right hairstyle to suit him, he needs to make sure to maintain that look. Regularly getting it touched up and maintaining it will keep it looking sharp, stylish, and fresh. Making sure to take care of the hair with moisturizing products for his type of hair, will help a man keep a healthy head of hair and not worry about going bald before he is ready to.

Men and women both worry about their hair and the best hairstyle, but in truth men have it a bit easier. Once they find the right style, it takes little effort to keep it looking stylish, hip, and fresh. African American hairstyles for men today offer a very trendy and sophisticated style and the men who choose them look like they just walked off the red carpet, no matter what time of day it is.


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