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Hairstyles for girls

Updated on June 12, 2012

Best hairstyles for girls

One of the great advantages of being a girl is the fact that you can arrange your hair in multiple ways, regardless of your preferences. This year, hair trends are all about putting your imagination into practice, without fearing that you will mess up. In fact, there are a lot of messy hairstyles for girls that you can try out in 2012.

For example, you can have a lot of fun getting hairstyles for girls done which are based on messy buns. You can either get them at a hairdresser, but they are also very easy to create on your own without a lot of effort. All you need is to take your entire hair into one hand as if you were going to turn it into a ponytail and then swirl a couple of times.

The last step in getting these hairstyles for girls done is to secure it with pins all around it. The advantage of this look is that you can try it no matter if you have long or medium hair. The trick is to make the bun as high as you can because it won’t look as good if you are going to create it towards the back of your neck.

Cute haircuts for girls


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Beautiful hairstyle for girls

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Some of the hottest hairstyles for girls which are very simple, natural and feminine all in one are represented by the curly ones. You just have to own a curling iron and the rest depends on you. This year, wide and loose curls are back in trend and a cool tip is to focus on having them done towards the ends of your hair strands.

This kind of hairstyles for girls will provide your hair with a lot of volume and texture. You don’t have to curl your entire hair as long as you make the curls wide and you focus on all the hair ends. If you want, you can only bring the sides of your hair a bit out, curling their outer corners. This way, you will achieve an amazing look.

Other hairstyles for girls are based on the half-up/half-down technique which doesn’t require a lot of effort on your part. You simply have to take one hair strands from the side of your hair on each part and then pin it with a cute clip, leaving the rest of your hair falling loosely on your shoulders. These hairstyles for girls can also be completed by side-swept bangs that will bring extra cuteness to your look.

French twist braid

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      Anthony 3 years ago

      Julie Burkard - Allison,You made the most beautiful bride, and Josh is very haonsdme as well. Your pictures made me cry. The photos were incredible. I thank your for sharing them with me.CongratsJulie Burkard

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      Elif 3 years ago

      Steve Szymanski - Ma'am,Pictures look amazing!!! I was one of the grmesomon (shortest one) Well done!! They are going to have a wonderful album!Are there any others to view? especially some of the cool ones of the groom and his guys?V/RSteve