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Halloween Contact Lenses

Updated on June 22, 2014

Fashion contact lenses also referred to as cosmetic contact lenses offer a realistic means of cosmetically altering the look of an individual’s natural eye color to resemble the images or color depicted on a set of contacts. Cosmetic contacts are suitable for almost all eyes, available without prescription and will not affect a person’s vision. No added benefit to vision power is noticed, as there sole function is to change eye color or appearance.

Novelty contacted lenses are perfectly suited for themed parties, such as Halloween to give that desired appearance. Halloween contact lenses are offered in a multitude of designs, colors, and images to compliment almost all costumes for a more fearful look. A pair of special fx lenses adds that final touch to the overall look and feel of a spooky outfit. Whether it’s a spooky, fun or creepy lenses for Halloween, or a instant eye color change that's desired there is an abundance of different designs and styles to match all wishes.

Shopping for Cosmetic Contact Lenses

All novelty contact lenses are produced with the same care and quality that would be expected with a brand name or prescription set of contacts. Lenses can last 30 – 60 days if the ideal care and cleaning routines are followed, with lenses always removed when sleeping. Cosmetic lenses are often favored by celebrities as a way to alter their looks and to achieve a more desirable appearance.

Fashion contact lenses aren't too expensive with prices in the region of $20 to $50 for 2 x lenses or 1 pair - it might seem expensive to some but if the lenses are cared for in the correct manner these lenses can last an entire 2 months, although some are daily disposables, so its best to check carefully before purchasing.  Contacts with special effects or images on the lenses are the most expensive, with colored lenses being the cheapest. Searching online will result in a variety of sources to start shopping.

Other Types of Cosmetic Contact Lenses

Theatrical and special effect contact lenses depict 100's of different images, such as a smiley face, moon and star, spider web, rage virus, and cobra, bird and other animal species. Crazy contact lenses are for those intent on making a statement and wishing to wear a set of contacts with a unique design or colors, such as a national flag, a swirly spiral, or a choice of lenses to mimic animals, such as a reptile, cat or a wolf. There are literally hundreds of distinctive designs to alter the appearance of a person's eyes. Colored lenses are a great way to brighten your eyes with a choice of intense, vibrant to sparkle or shimming shades all resulting in an enhance appearance for a captivating look.


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