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Halloween Nail Art

Updated on July 30, 2012

Halloween is a great oppurtunity to create some scary, spooky nail art. With options like Neon nail art, Halloween decals the amount of scary designs you can create are endless. So, here is a tutorial for you to create some fun Halloween Nail Art. It is a moderately easy nail art. It takes certain amount expertise to create designs like spider,bat etc. But I bet the videos below and a little practice would make you a pro in no time.

As you would have guessed it, the color themes we would be choosing for this nail art is - orange & black. The designs we would try to create are - pumpkin face, bats, spider webs, spiders and the like. So, let's get started.

Things You Will Need

1. Base Coat

2. Orange Nail Color

3. Black Nail Color

4. Toothpick

5. Nail Tools - Dotting tool, Strper brush and the like

6. Top Coat.

Steps To Create Halloween Nails :

1. Start of with a base coat to strengthen your nails

2. Apply nail color of your choice. Basic Halloween nail art has black designs over orange background or vice versa. It doesn't have to be the same thing. You can add transperent glitter nail polish or just do a french nail - it all depends on your taste

Creating Spider Web

Creating Bats

3. Allow the designs to dry and apply a top coat to protect your nails.

Other Techniques To Create Halloween Nails :
You can use Halloween Nail Decals to create some crazy Halloween Nails. They come in skull decals, water sliding nail decals of pumpkin,

spiders, bats etc. You can also get long fake claw nails which make good Halloween Nails

Spider Web Halloween Nails


Glow in the Dark Halloween Nails


Werewolf Fingernails Halloween Nail Art


Spooky Halloween Nails


Halloween Claw Nails



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    • Sillypineapple profile image

      Sillypineapple 4 years ago from Georgia

      I love these nail designs!