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Halter Neck Bras | Men's Stealth Lingerie

Updated on November 1, 2009

I have a reader to thank for this inspiration. Halter neck bras, he suggested, are excellent for men who wear bras. He has a point. If you do not know why, read on and all will be revealed in a ball of blazing bra inspiration. As you may or may not be aware, halter neck bras were originally designed to go under halter neck tops, and to be suitable support under other items of attire such as shoulder less shirts and, allegedly, strapless tops, though really if one were wearing a strapless top, having a halterneck brassiere rising from under it like a misguided lingerie serpent probably isn't the best idea anyone ever had. Essentially, halterneck bras allow women to wear backless and shoulderless garments without drooping all over the place in a rampant celebration of gravity.

How do they work? Well, halterneck bras are bras which support the chest, but instead of strapping across the middle of the back brazenly, causing bra lines which are often plainly visible under a shirt, they sit very low across the back. 'As you have no doubt surmised by now, the top of the brassiere is supported by a tie which runs up and around the neck.

Now to be fair, unless you are wearing a shirt and tie and intend to stay like that all day, a halterneck bra may not be any more stealthy than a normal bra. Halternecks, by their very nature, are visible around the neck, so if you were planning on loosening your shirt and tie at some point, forget about it.

Though one does not hear about them on a regular basis, it's quite easy to buy halter neck bras, although I would recommend a convertible bra as well. A convertible bra is one in which the straps unhook from the brassiere and can be configured in different ways depending on how much support you want or what you are wearing. When you buy a convertible bra, you're essentially buying two bras in one, or on some occasions, three. Halter neck bras may sometimes be quite plain, or even, horror of all horrors, beige in color. This is why I recommend a nice convertible bra that hasn't had all the fun sucked out of it in a quest for functionality.

So, there you have it, men who love bras. A simple way to comfortably wear a bra without the fear that you will lean forward and your colleagues will see the back straps as clear as day through your shirt – a halter neck bra.


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