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Hamilton Chronograph Watches Review: Automatic, Quartz

Updated on January 9, 2015

Hamilton Chronograph

Hamilton equip many of their watches with a chronograph function: both military Khaki and classic Ventura and Jazzmaster, among other collections, feature this utility. It can be said that to professional servicemen in Air Force, Navy, or Army, the micro-time management that chrono ability allows is more crucial than to civilians. But that would be ignoring that to use a stopwatch, one needs extra time, and in the majority of events, it's employed during fun or sports activities, not while under fire or severe training.

Of course Hamilton don't ignore this trend, and offer the chronograph complication even with the avant-guard fashion Ventura. In horology, a complication acquires an aesthetic value, a way to demonstrate the watchmaker's engineering prowess and creativity. To guarantee that its customers see what's inside the watch, the brand produced openworked skeleton, as well as semi-openworked models, where some parts of he dials were extracted in order to expose the inner parts of the mechanism. Let's take a look at some of the collections:

Hamilton Chronograph Watch
Hamilton Chronograph Watch


  • Aviation X-Mach is a muscular stainless steel watch that includes a digital day-date display. Function subdials, encircled with a silverized white band that adds visual contrast, appear on twelve, and six o'clock. Large, stylized push pieces flank the crown.

  • Aviation X-Copter with a screw down crown modifies face configuration by injecting various specialized scales and cues. Though rugged looking, this timepiece has an odd pictorial value.

  • Navy Frogman (not to be confused with Casio G-Shock Frogman) substitutes stainless steel for titanium, and add special covers for the push buttons – a feature that appears on some Invicta diver's watches. With sapphire crystal and 200 water resistance, it too is an effective marine timepiece.

  • Seaview chronograph is a straightforward diver's watch. Luminescent hands and indexes, paired with a numbered bezel (a rare occurrence in Hamilton) provide the needed legibility and data while under water.

  • Jazzmaster Quartz Chrono combines classic design with functionality, all the while making two-tone dial color scheme a standard. 37 mm models will suit smaller wrists.


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