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Hamilton Jazzmaster Quartz, Automatic Watch Review

Updated on January 6, 2015


Hamilton Jazzmaster offers classically designed men's and women's watches that emulate such lines as Longines Conquest, Oris Classic, and Bulova Accutron. A true master collection, Jazzmaster includes a range of calibers, and appeals to many tastes by employing round, square, and tonneau case shapes, and painting the dials with either black or white colors. In a way, it provides a more tame alternative to the Hamilton Ventura, which may prove to be too fashion inspired for some; Jazzmaster opts for more traditionally horological flourishes instead.

Day of the week, date, power reserve function and chronograph become the main complication in the automatically powered timepieces, though a particular quartz model also contains a chrono utility. Petite Seconds in particular remind of Audemars Piguet Millenary women's watches – and, it's a rare Hamilton piece where the seconds hand travels to six o'clock to a subdial of its own.

Hamilton Jazzmaster Watch
Hamilton Jazzmaster Watch


Men's Jazzmaster watches usually incorporate mechanical automatic movements, and focus on complications, or ways to show them off. Such open work variations as Open Heart and Skeleton reveal the mechanism entirely or partially; Hamilton don't necessarily innovate with this dial design – many Swiss high-end brands use a similar method – but they succeed in making a statement in this tough industry.

Such lines as Maestro and Traveler allow to choose from black or white dial background, but it seems that the former, darker tone they achieve more freedom of expression.


Women's timers pay even more attention to visual organization: Square Lady displays a completely bare dial on which artistic calligraphy makes the Arabic numerals dance and intertwine. Jazzmaster Lady collection imports pastel blue and beige, and adds a truly luxurious touch – crocodile leather and python skin for the straps.

Mother-of-pearl adorns the faces of another variation, generating a soft, soothing glow. Separate pieces feature diamonds, and effectively become jewelry watches.


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