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Hamilton Khaki Automatic, Quartz Watches Review: Aviation, Navy, Action

Updated on January 9, 2015

Khaki Military

Hamilton Khaki is a true master collection: its scope, in terms of calibers, functions, and visual design – the three pillars of watchmaking industry – is among the widest and deepest among such competing brands as Bulova, Seiko, Swiss Army, Invicta, and others. Khaki watches were intended for military personnel, but, like many Victorinox and Wenger timepieces, found a responsive customer base outside the armed forces, appealing to travelers, athletes, and other audiences.

Khaki incorporate both quartz and automatic movements; sometimes two very similar models will include either, essentially offering a visually (and/or functionally) identical but movement distinct alternative. The sturdy, stainless steel cases feature a single block frame, rendering the entire structure resistant to pressure. Characteristic, flowing lugs reappears in Aviation, Navy, and Field divisions, revealing a fundamentally universal design upon which it is hard to improve.

Khaki Action watches becomes the quirky outsider subcollection, consisting of unusually shaped square and round timers. But above mentioned lines also include the occasional oddball piece:

Hamilton Khaki Automatic Watch
Hamilton Khaki Automatic Watch


Besides a clever title, Navy BeLOWZERO presents a case shape to match. It deviates from the classic solid Hamilton frame, and takes a step towards additional reinforcement: lugs becomes shorter and thicker, decorative screws on the case add more weight and ruggedness. The overall design looks more expressive and aggressive – this watch wants to prove something, wants to break records (and brag about it).

It's also powerful diving watch with a list of must have dive timer features: screw down crown, water resistance up to 200 meters (1000 meters in one variation), and contrasting dial color scheme for effortless legibility.

Khaki Action

Considering how deliberate and restrained most Hamilton watches look, the adventurous design of such models as Code Breaker and Sunset and Twilight might seem unusual. But if we consider that this line tries to satisfy tastes in both function and fashion, the final result will appear in a different light.

Khaki Action watches offer genuine avant-garde – a trend that Hamilton explored earlier in Ventura timepieces.


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