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Hamilton Khaki Field Watch Review: King, Officer, Automatic, Quartz

Updated on January 5, 2015

Khaki Field

Hamilton Khaki Field watches demonstrate a classic military design that has been stable among such brands as Swiss Army Victorinox and Seiko for several decades. The visual basis consists of a matted background color for the dial, on which large Arabic numerals spread evenly, creating a predictable, reliable pattern. The classic Seiko 5 comes to mind when we seek a viable comparison – but Hamilton did their best to stand out by polishing and invigorating the Field watch with various touches.

Movement remains an important component in this military collection – at least as important as the appearance – and the brand went for versatility, offering both quartz and automatic variations. To pay tribute to tradition Hamilton also produced a hand wound mechanical model (effectively a vintage reproduction). The ultra-modern chrono and scuba variations ensure the past doesn't overtake recent technology and micro-engineering developments.

Hamilton Khaki Field Watch
Hamilton Khaki Field Watch


Khaki Field looks very much like Swiss Army Victorinox officer's watch, and the collection even comprises a similarly named model. The effectiveness of this design lies in its uniformity and unpretentiousness; in a way, it strives to pass under the radar while showing time without a compromise.

Hamilton insist on offering this piece with a quartz, an automatic, and a hand winding mechanical caliber; the basic specs remain the same, bu the design alters toward more modern as the technology progresses. Bands come in stainless steel, canvas, rubber, and leather. White, silverized, black, and beige colors exist.


Field King watches update slightly the classic Hamilton look by adding a few aerodynamic touches and protection for the crown. Dials look somewhat more sophisticated and, indeed, the King automatic watch features a day of the week complication at twelve o'clock that shows the entire word, not just the abbreviation.

Like Swiss Army Victorinox took a step towards more complexity&utility with the Ambassador classic watch, Hamilton do the same with Khaki Field King. The sophistication versus simplicity trade will suit soldiers and officers depending on their individual taste and rank.


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