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Hamilton Khaki GMT Watches Review: Air Race, Navy

Updated on January 9, 2015

Khaki Air, Navy

Air Force people believe in their superiority over other branches of the military, Navy (submarine units in particular) believe in theirs: Hamilton eschew the politics by offering two similar GMT Khaki watch collections that include various adjustments to suit the respective environmental conditions.

The GMT function – essentially a dual time complication – can be very useful for personnel who travel a lot and very fast. These guys need a constant point in time to which they can always refer and on which they can always rely. In other words, GMT function is much more than just an additional time indicator; it's a conceptual anchor that will make the mentally intensive labor of both Navy and Air Force servicemen easier.

Hamilton recognize these needs, and offer watches that present maximal simplicity and clarity while requiring minimal exertion from the wearer who reads the dial.

Hamilton Khaki GMT Watch
Hamilton Khaki GMT Watch

GMT Air Race

Strong contrasts between the hands, backdrop, numerals and indexes produce a visual grid that's easy to read (designers opted for orange&black color scheme). GMT operating piece moves to the left to free space for the crowns. Air Race watch comes equipped with either a stainless steel bracelet or an orange rubber or crocodile strap, the color matching the tone of the Arabic numerals.

There are a lot of numbers on the dial, a quality that reveals a professional intent that pushes aesthetics a little back. It's true that this is not a beautiful watch per se, but for those who know how to put it to best use, functionality means beauty.

GMT Navy

Navy GMT is much more diverse in terms of color and design, though the basic configuration described above remains (orange changes into white). On top of the black&white contrasting scheme, Hamilton add almost purely white dials, and plated some of the cases with gold.

These timepieces may function as general purpose marine, diving or travel watches, suitable for ladies as well. Stainless steel, rubber and leather reappear as band materials.


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