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Hamilton Ventura Men's and Ladies Watch Review

Updated on January 9, 2015

Hamilton Ventura

The iconic Ventura stands out as Hamilton's both most aesthetically pleasing and popular watch. Featuring an imbalanced triangular case with some sleek aerodynamic touches, it defines fashion and avant guard; Elvis Presley himself wore this watch in his Blue Hawaii movie – one of the first true celebrities to bestow his attention upon Hamilton watches. More recent names include Bruce Willis, Russel Crowe, and Chris Rock.

Though it contains consists of watches essentially repeating the futuristic triangle, Ventura collection offers a surprising variety when it comes to sizes, materials, and movement. Timepieces come equipped with either automatic or quartz calibers (including quartz chronograph), in sizes ranging from 13 to 21 mm, and adorned with PVD or mother-of-pearl.

Lizard and leather straps or flex steel bracelets support the cases: Hamilton introduced a rare two-tone strap to echo the dial&case design, and create a matching pattern.

Hamilton Ventura Watch
Hamilton Ventura Watch


Ventura men's watches are among the biggest in the collection, and include mechanical mechanism – Hamilton choose to boast these by opting for an open worked, skeleton type dial (an interesting inroad into horology). The completely black timer stays in the fashion territory, though the focused look implies an underlying sense of menace – a quality aptly exploited in the Men in Black movie.

The “End of Life” indicator constitutes another notable feature. It's essentially a power reserve function, but simplified and stylized to blend in with the overall aesthetic.


Ventura ladies watches differ both in size and color: considerably smaller, they habitually inject the usually black palette with lighter (often silver or gold) tones, and sometimes modify it altogether.

Mother-of-pearl substitutes the sombre – though expressive – black face, projecting a softer attitude and spirit. The protruding crowns play an important role in balancing the asymmetrical lugs and ensuring general design integrity.

Ladies and men's Ventura watches resist water up to 50 meters and feature Hamilton standard mineral.


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