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The Harajuku Fashion Style - Colorful Street Fashion From Japan

Updated on November 1, 2011

A Unique Lifestyle of Japan

Japan is a nation that is famous for being a pioneer in the electronics and automotive industries, but today it is also a land that is at the forefront of fashion. If you think that the country produces only clinically choreographed boy bands and girl bands, it is time for you to leave such misconceptions behind. This article will help you to learn about the Harajuku fashion style which has now even reached the shores of the US. In fact, Harajuku is much more than just a certain look, it is a movement which embodies a unique lifestyle and different mindset than what many people would normally associate with Japan.

Harajuku district.
Harajuku district.

Harajuku Street Fashion

Harajuku is an area in the center of Tokyo, in Sibuya district, situated around a railway station of the same name. The streets and alleyways that are in this locale have been known for their department stores for many decades, in fact the area has been an important shopping area since the opening of the station more than fifty years ago. It was thanks to fashion magazines such as Non-No and Anan, that Harajuku rose to prominence on the national stage. These publications brought to attention the style of the teenagers that could be seen wandering around the local area. Since then, more young people have been drawn to the streets, malls, and plazas of Harajuku to show off their own unique looks and fashion sense.

There are many sides to Tokyo, on the one hand the city is overflowing with office workers who wear the uniform of blue collar workers the world over, that is a dark pair of trousers, light colored shirt, and a plain tie. It is perhaps due to the tendency of the masses to conform to such stereotypes that groups of young people have brought out their rebellious side by dressing in Harajuku fashion. The look that can be seen on the bodies of those youths that hang out in this stylish area is one that is extremely creative.

Harajuku Hairstyles

Such youngsters do not wear clothes that are tidy and neat, but that does not mean that they are scruffy and unkempt. In fact, the Harajuku style is one that takes a lot of work to perfect. Those people who are into this scene spend many hours perfecting their appearance. Not only are their clothes highly original, their make up and hairstyles are also incredibly fresh. Most of the young people who follow this scene choose to dye their hair with the brightest neon colors possible, this includes, silver, pink, green, blue, red, purple, and ash.

Harajuku hairstyles.
Harajuku hairstyles.


It is almost impossible to describe the Harajuku fashion style in a few sentences, this is because the style includes various different types, it is for this reason that the movement has become so popular in Japan and now overseas. For example, one of the styles involves pale skin and lacy outfits such as that worn by a Lolita doll.

Two harajuku lolitas.
Two harajuku lolitas.


Another popular look is what is known as cosplay (costume play), this is a style which involves imitating characters from cartoons, movies, and folklore. You can see youths dressed as superheros, Disney characters, and famous movie stars as part of the cosplay scene. Another popular cosplay sub genre is that which has been perfected by J-Rock bands, this is popular with both teenage boys and girls. Other popular forms of Harajuku include gothic, visual kei, and ganguro. Mix and matching styles and accessories is also a popular way of creating a unique new style.

Cosplay character.
Cosplay character.

Photos Gallery


If you have an interest in creating your own version of this popular fashion, there are no shortage of websites you can browse to pick up pieces to make you own outfit. You should try and be creative as opposed to copy a style that already exists.

Do not be afraid to be brave and adventurous when deciding what to mix and match. Try and use different layers, it does not matter how bright the colors are. You should also experiment with your hair and your makeup, try various crazy styles that you have not seen anyone else wear. Accessories can also add to your appearance, these should be big, bold, and numerous.

With a little thought and experimentation you can create your very own Harajuku fashion style. As a starting point, you should check out what looks are currently big in Tokyo and adapt them in your own way. When we see how adventurist their youth is, it is no surprise that Japan is a country that is often thought of as being a trend setter.


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    • harajukustyle012 profile image


      5 years ago

      I like Harajuku and Cosplay is my favorite !

      I can play with my favorite character with these culture..

      thanks for article

      visit also :


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