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Where to Find Harley Davidson Shirts (Long Sleeve Clothing)

Updated on October 2, 2010

Whilst it is quite easy to find Harley Davidson T-Shirts, as they are commonly available, it is a bit more difficult to find longer sleeve shirts, so I have written this guide to help out a bit here so you can get yourself dressed up and still show off your love for Harley Davidson motorcycles.

There are also polo shirts available as an alternative option, which can look smart and suit a casual environment or can have the larger Harley Davidson prints on with flaming skulls over them that might just stand out a bit in a fancy restaurant :-)

The material shirts are made out vary, but cotton (100%) is the most common and best feeling. Polyester varieties (dry and wash quicker but tend to smell) are also available but have not sold so well. Merino blend/wool can occasionally be found too and is a superior material to have a shirt made out of.

Shirts from Harley Davidson are available in short sleeve and long sleeve varieties and usually have chest pockets. There are shirts available for men and women.

Where to Buy Harley Davidson Shirts stock a number of Harley Davidson shirts, but then tend to be long sleeve t-shirts and made with slightly thicker material, similar to a sweatshirt.

Harley Davidson outlet stores or online store also sell clothing. The stores tend to be popping up in big shopping malls worldwide and are designed to sell Harley Davidson gifts and merchandise, including shirts and many other items of clothing.

You can also purchase Harley Davidson shirts on eBay, however these are not always genuine (even if they say they are) and may have cheaper prices for a reason. Harley Davidson shirts are usually quite expensive (think $100+). American sourced shirts tend to be genuine, Chinese one's are much more likely to be replica's rather than originals.

Other Harley Davidson Items

Looking for Harley Davidson clocks? Maybe not, but there is certainly a variety about that may change your mind and have you desiring a nice time piece for your home or work.

How about Harley Davidson patches? Make your clothing unique and customize it to show your loyalty and individual style to the world.

Top the style off with some Harley Davidson Jewelry - a must for making your style that little bit more hardcore and glamorous.


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