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Girls Hats are a Hot Fashion Buy

Updated on December 7, 2014

Ladies - How to Choose a Fabulous Item of Headgear!

What ever happened to hats? There was a time when a girl never left the house without one. Now they seem to be a minority fashion. Perhaps the decline in churchgoing hasn’t helped. There was a time when every good woman had a best hat. If only to wear for Sunday worship at the local church.

So ladies, lets put hats back on the map; or rather on your head be it (the hat that is, not the map!) Hats and scarves have adorned women's heads throughout history. Here are some thoughts on chosing one.

In the past, hats were often worn as a token of modesty, ensuring men were not tempted by flowing, sensuous shiny locks. In Jane Austin's day the bonnet was the standard head covering for a woman.

How exciting life must have been in those regency times for a woman, sitting around in a drawing room for days on end, in a bonnet, playing the piano, a game of whist or reading a book until some men finally chose to visit!

Gangster Hat?
Gangster Hat?

Freedom to Wear Hats!

The good news is the days when a girl wore a hat in order to be respectable are long gone.

Now we women are free to wear nothing at all on our heads and let it all hang out or alternatively adorn our gorgeous tresses with anything we fancy!

The fact that most of us ladies don't take advantage of this hat freedom or 'chapeau chic laissez faire', as they might say in Paris, is a great shame.

So without further ado let me encourage you to don a fabulous female hat and express the real you.

Dutch Cap - Great for wearing when walking along a Dyke?
Dutch Cap - Great for wearing when walking along a Dyke?
Cover up Hats keep the Sun at Bay and Add a Little Mystery
Cover up Hats keep the Sun at Bay and Add a Little Mystery
A Hat for a Wedding but Beware of Upstaging the Bride!
A Hat for a Wedding but Beware of Upstaging the Bride!

So What Type of Hat Should I Wear?

Where to begin? Well there's Funny Hats (for parties) and Costume Hats (as in French maid cap or sailor or cowgirl hat).

Then there are National Costume Hats as in Dutch Cap (not that kind, the kind Dutch girls wear when walking along a dyke!).

If you are into wearing costumes and dressing up then it is often the hat that finishes off the outfit and makes it clear what or who you are trying to be.

Cover Up hats

Next we have Cover Up hats (as in keep the sun off). These include straw hats and hats with large brims.

When the beach beckons then it is always sensible to buy big brimmed hats to keep the sun from burning your face. A wide brimmed hat also adds a little mystery.

Male friends assure me that men are turned on by a girl who hides her beauty beneath a large brimmed hat.

Gina Tip:Try to find cover up hats that will pack flat so you can fit them in a suitcase without ruining them!.

Serious (Stylish) Hats

In contrast are Serious Hats as worn for weddings, funerals, a day at the races or (if you are British) a royal garden party. These days, it is just such an event that makes us girls feel a little bare headed and makes us think about some smart headgear.

The days of the posh Milliner's shop on the high street stuffed full of elaborate hats have long gone, at least where I live. Now you are much more likely to encounter a Macdonalds, a Poundshop or a mobile phone store or three.

Incidentally the most frequently asked question in the Poundshop chain is, "How much does it cost?" The answer is invariably "One Pound," - Hence nothing, including the hats, are priced!

If you want a smart hat, and you can't find it in your High Street then try the Internet.

Gina Tip: Ebay is always good for hats. If you want something special at a bargain price, try an auction. People often buy a hat for a special occasion and then sell it off afterwards.

Typical Ascot Hat - If it gets too heavy you can always eat it!
Typical Ascot Hat - If it gets too heavy you can always eat it!

Silly (Crazy) Hats

The best place to understand the English love of silly hats is to visit Royal Ascot in England. Ascot hats are like serious hats in that you wear them for the racecourse and they are expensive.

Here there is a tradition for the rich and famous to wear hats that are elaborate and often 'over the top'. Hats at Ascot typically recreate great sea battles, a whole village in miniature or the entire content of a restaurant menu; all on the wearers head.

Racing at Ascot has been going for the last three hundred years. The racecourse was established by Queen Anne in 1711.

The most famous race is the Gold Cup that has recently celebrated its 200th race and is part of Ladies' Day when fashion and Ascot hats come out in force.

Pill Box Hat
Pill Box Hat

More Hats

More hats I hear you ask? Well what about Waterproof Hats, Safety Hats including helmets (for motorbikes), hardhats and hats to protect you while horse riding. Then there are warm hats like fur hats and woollen hats to keep your head warm in winter.

Then some hats are just plain sexy. And what about peaked caps and baseball hats and even hats you can play tennis or golf in?

Don't forget turbans, wigs and head scarves and even those fabulous head dresses that exotic dancers wear. Think Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge or Kylie Minogue and her Showgirl tour.

So now you know you've decided you want a hat. So just get right on the Internet and buy yourself a hot little number. Your head will never feel right until you do. Online hats for girls. There is so much out there and the Internet makes it easy to find domething unique that matches your style..

A final thought. Why not get three and make it a Hat Trick?

kylie Looking Fabulous in a Head Dress
kylie Looking Fabulous in a Head Dress


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    • lalaAnne profile image


      7 years ago from Delaware City

      I love hats, and your hub is awesome. Thanks Gina, you gave me more ideas.

    • Gina Coole profile imageAUTHOR

      Gina Coole 

      8 years ago from London

      Runway - thanks for stopping by!

    • Runway profile image


      8 years ago from New York

      These are great! Love the different styles!


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