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Having Stretch Mark Nightmares?

Updated on May 15, 2014

How To Alleviate Your Concerns About Stretch Marks

Message to Any Women Going Through Pregnancy Woe

If you're a woman interested in having a baby or just discovered you are pregnant and have begun to read everything you can get your hands on about pregnancy, labor, and child care and from those readings you've begun to get afraid of everything that can possibly go wrong take a long, deep, relaxing breath. You're going to make it through this! It will be challenging. It may seem like no one cares about your concerns and everyone around you may tell you as much. Yet know that many pregnant women have gone through exactly what you're feeling! As a woman who has went through pregnancy I admit to being so scared at times I wept myself to sleep, would wake up from nightmares on all the possible outcomes, and was generally terrified of every little change that occurred to my body. The fact is it's incredibly troubling to discover all the changes in your body during pregnancy. It's a personal war raging on your body that no one else will completely by able to comprehend, as it's your body and you're the only one feeling what you're feeling. Still, you aren't alone! If you speak out to other pregnant women you will find some that are going through similar troubles as you. Not all of course, but definitely some. If you're a woman going through deep seated fears during your pregnancy, I send you a figurative "hug". Because sweetheart, you will get through it! I know you will! And at the end of your pregnancy you will have a darling little person who will mean more to you then anyone in the entire world. They will be the light in your life.

How To Alleviate Your Concerns About Stretch Marks

If this is one of the concerns you're developing about your pregnancy that's completely fine! I was horrified from all the stretch mark pictures I googled when I was pregnant. My mom has stretch marks as well, and I read that having a family history of it can heighten your chances. I believe she only developed stretch marks because she was put on bed rest during one pregnancy and couldn't be more physically active and because she had two kids very close together and did not allow her body a couple years to heal inbetween. At present her stretch marks have faded and do not look bad at all. I am an esthetician so I am very concerned about caring for my skin properly. One goal I made during my pregnancy was to care for my skin during my pregnancy and after. It is important to take care of your skin throughout the entire gestation and after you give birth as well.

I used many products on my skin to hopefully counteract stretch marks as much as possible. The ones I used that I recommend are: Tiny Tillia Mommy Tillia Shea Body Butter, Skin So Soft Body Oil, Skin So Soft Shower Gel, Skin So Soft Body Lotion, Skin So Soft Chest Lotion, Aveda Energizing Oil, and Aveda Relaxing Oil. I used each of these products after I took a shower all over my stomach, my hips, back, chest, and legs.

Besides using skin care products it's important to stay active during pregnancy if you want to combat stretch marks! Just do light work out, prenatal yoga when you have the energy, or if you continue to work during pregnancy use that time to walk extra stairs, or park a little farther away from the doors to get some light walking in. I worked at a resort in housekeeping and as a barista during my pregnancy and it required much physical activity. I strongly believe this helped my skin out and helped my baby grow bigger as well. If you are on bedrest do not do any physical activity. Just relax and focus on using a skin care product of your choice on your tummy.

Also make sure your diet is good during pregnancy if you don't want stretch marks. Don't overeat or try to avoid overeating too often. This will make your belly grow too quickly and may make your skin struggle to keep up. Of course eat as much as you believe you and the baby need, but try not to overdo it as it may harm your skin. Make sure you drink as much fluids as possible as well. Drinking water will be the best thing for you, your baby, your labor, and your skin. My doctor told me to take my prenatal vitamin and that it should help with my skin, and while I believe listening to a doctor is important I took my prenatal vitamin only when I wasn't too nauseous because it made me throw up anytime I took it. It didn't greatly impact my skin outcome since typically I threw it up right after swallowing it, but be sure to try to take your vitamin daily even if it makes you sick.

The end result of my skin was only one half a centimeter stretch mark to the right of my belly button after following everything I've mentioned. I also have a c-section scar because my baby couldn't be born naturally as my bones are structured strangely and she was slightly unaligned while I was pushing during labor. Despite having a c-section scar I honestly didn't care though after I held my daughter the first time and stared at her sweet little face and her angelic blue eyes. If you are pregnant and concerned about stretch marks you won't regret following the advice I've given here. Take comfort in knowing that once you hold your baby you won't be too concerned about any scars left behind though.

Skin So Soft Lotion



"I'm not as hard on myself anymore. I'm comfortable exactly where I am, though it took me until I was 34 years old! I still have things I'm really insecure about, but I've changed by loving me - C-section scars, stretch marks, and all." -Jenny McCarthy

Aveda Calming Oil


Post Pregnancy Stretchmark Treatment

What do you do post pregnancy to treat your stretchmarks? Keep on eating healthy, drinking lots of water, taking your prenatal, and apply a lotion of your choice to your skin each time you shower or bathe. Basically do everything you were doing pre-birth. Mederma is something else you may want to invest in to care for your stretchmarks. Use it after you shower and it should help. I noticed it helped reduce the purple color of my stretchmarks. Continued use of Mederma is a must if you have quite a lot of stretchmarks. No matter what you do though, don't concern yourself too much about you scars. They will fade on their own over time! Good luck on your pregnancy and future baby and on caring for your skin!


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