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Hawaiian and Polynesian Tattoos

Updated on January 2, 2016

Hawaiian and/or Polynesian tattoos are interesting in that they represent a variety of cultures as far as in relationship to tattoo art and design. They are in many cases blended together to form something fresh and new.

There is also an Asian influence in some of the tattoos to give an even different look.

Many of these tattoo designs include tribal tattoos, which are among the favorites, or in many cases, especially with women, the lotus and other exotic flowers related to that particular culture.

This is another case where this particular tattoo theme is enjoyed by men and women, with each choosing a very different look.

Men will choose more of the tribal look while women, for the most part, enjoy the lotus and related themes.

Either way, Hawaiian and Polynesian tattoos are a rapidly growing and popular tattoo design that are enjoyed by an increasing number of people.

One thing that did surprise me with Hawaiian tattoos was the lack of native subject matter, in the sense of beaches and people, as in the tattoo below.

This was one of the few I was able to find that took up that particular type of material.

Hawaiian Woman Tattoo

While this appears to be a Polynesian tribal figure, it's not my area of expertise, so I'm not sure. It was a very unique tattoo representing region, and one that deserved being seen.

Tribal Figure Tattoo

I like this flower image, which was very popular among woman attracted to Hawaiian and Asian tattoos. It was included because its tribal look as well on the periphery of the design.

Hawaiian Flower Tattoo

Very interesting tribal tattoo. The use of triangles in a unique way was very cool in this one.

Hawaiian Tribal Tattoo

When considering the two different designs of these the tribal tattoo above and below, it's amazing to see the tribal look expressed in triangles and sharp points against the circular, smooth look of the one below.

Going below the top one, you can see the smooth or sharp lines preferred and contrasted in the unique tribal look of the Islands.

Tribal tattoos aren't only for guys, as evidenced by the two below, which include the lotus flower and nice lines, along with the turtle tribal in the center of the second one down. Both look nice, and the look of both are quite compelling.

Hawaiian Tribal Tattoos for Women

What I really like about the two tribal tattoos below are the fantastic artwork and design, and also how the depth of the darkness of the ink really enhances it. It's among my favorite hue used to ink tattoos on.

Hawaiian Tribal Tattoos with Turtles

As mentioned in the beginning of the article, Hawaiian tattoos are exploding in popularity, and when looking at these unique designs and themes, you can see why. They look good no matter where you put them, and can be used in a number of combinations with other themes.


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