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He Wore Lingerie, And He Liked It

Updated on March 21, 2010

You see what I've done there, don't you? Months after a popular song about kissing girls came out, I've finally gotten around to sort of satirizing the title in such a way as it relates to men who love lingerie. My finger, it is always on the pulse, I tell you.

Much like Katy Perry with her lyrics about exploring the mouths of her gender and finding the experience a fairly positive one, we like to talk about men who explore the underclothes of the opposite gender and who likewise, find the experience a positive one.

How many men fall into this category? We can only estimate, but I can tell you that several thousand men read theseĀ  articles every day (over 9,000). What does that mean? It means that there are plenty of men who once wore lingerie, discovered that they liked it and were then stuck with the sticky question of how to integrate it into their everyday lives without anyone judging them negatively.

Unfortunately, unlike Kate Perry, who almost everyone agreed, had the undeniable right to kiss girls and like it, the same leeway is not often extended to men who like lingerie by wider society. Now admittedly, if you live in the UK, Germany or Australia, you have an easier time of it than your counterparts in say, the USA and Saudi Arabia. (Although it's no doubt very easy for Arab men to get away with wearing lingerie given that they're effectively wearing flowing dress style garments a great deal of the time.)

Still, wearing lingerie is a fun and enjoyable past time for hundreds of thousands of men regardless of whether society embraces the idea or not. In fact, plenty of men rather enjoy the fact that society does not like it. You see, like the rebellious young Miss Perry (who I hear, is set to marry outrageous rapscallion, Russel Brand), some men who like to wear lingerie also like to challenge the status quo, break taboos and generally rebel against the world. Lingerie allows them to do all that whilst calmly sitting at their computer terminal and typing out TPS report cover sheets.

It's brilliant really, turning disinterest and occasional disdain into a rush that cannot be beat. Would your boss fire you if he knew you were wearing panties whilst in the possession of a Y chromosome? Maybe. What would all the office ladies think if they knew that your lingerie collection was far finer and larger than theirs ever could be? Would they be jealous? Envious? Intrigued You may never know, and that, right there is all the fun. For a man, wearing lingerie can be as much of an illicit joy as being a girl who kisses another girl.


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    • profile image

      femguy 7 years ago

      I find that older men and women are not as understanding. Young women are the most understanding, maybe they are more at ease knowing you are not going to hit on them. Young sales girls are the most fun, they treat you like another girl. Yesterday I was shopping for a bra and a young pretty salesgirl said "those bras are the most comfortable, I'm wearing one today" then opened her blouse to show me. They are much more at ease than a woman you might be buying a pack of gum from while dressed as a man. It's so nice to be just one of the girls.

    • profile image

      Doug 7 years ago

      I doubt very many people would care much, although it would probably become a topic of office gossip. I don’t think a man wearing lingerie would be a firing offense in most places, although the way in which the boss finds out could be (I have never seen any of my coworkers’ underwear, for the record, and can’t imagine a scenario where I would). Many places in the US have anti-discrimination laws that offer protection for those of us who don’t follow traditional fashion rules.

      I used to wear lingerie under my clothes, but the thrill wore off a long time ago. My wife feels great relief at the end of the day when she takes off her bra, and I know how she feels. I will admit that as much as I love wearing stockings and a garter belt, after a few hours, it feels good to take them off.

      When dressing in male mode, I grab the pair of underwear at the top of the drawer, and I don’t worry if I bought them in the men’s or women’s department. However, if I am going on a long flight, or drive, I always wear nylon panties for comfort, and I always wear something pretty when dressing femininely.

      Like a lot of women, I usually save my best lingerie for the bedroom.

      Also, I live in the US, and breaking gender norms isn’t all that shocking. Acceptance varies by region, but even in that regard, you can’t stereotype millions of people just by where they live. For example, people assume that people in the South or Midwest are less accepting, but there are thriving gay and transgender scenes in many cities in those areas. I was recently in Kentucky, for example, and spent several days wearing only clothes I bought in the women’s department. I worked, dined out, and shopped, including trying on skirts, dresses and blouses and the most negative reaction I received were a couple of disapproving looks. Most reactions were completely neutral, and a fair number of people gave me warm, approving smiles.

      My advice is to wear what you like and not worry about it.

    • profile image

      insearchofme 7 years ago

      I like kissing girls and wearing lingerie, how can life be any better?

    • profile image

      Nanciboy 7 years ago

      Don't know if my boss would fire me for wearing panties while in possession of a Y chromosome, but he already hasn't fired me for wearing an assortment of earrings (one pair at a time) or having my nails polished in various shades of pink. Don't know if he has looked closely enough to see the lipstick and mascara yet, but other people in the office have.

      While I certainly wouldn't parade my choice of underwear in front of people, I once ran into my boss's boss while walking home from my nail appointment and wearing a pair of white capris. He lives between my apartment and the salon and I walk within a half block of his house every weekend. It was a rare warm day in SF that day; and I was getting a pedicure, so capris were the logical choice. So far he hasn't seen me walk by his house in the skirts I have started wearing on Saturdays.

    • profile image

      likewhatiam 7 years ago

      Hi Hope I have been wearing lingerie for so long now it's second nature and have found that no-one really cares what you wear under your clothes as long as they stay under your clothes.As a man wearing panties every day I have found that most woman don't mind that I wear what I do especially the girls down at the store where I buy my lingerie they often show me new designs and fabrics and suggest what style would fit better than others in actual fact I think they enjoy the difference of dealing with a man for a change.Keep up the good work.

    • profile image

      Dani 7 years ago

      Hope will you please do an article on the denier rating of a stocking? Love Ya! Dani

    • angela_michelle profile image

      Angela Michelle Schultz 7 years ago from United States

      I found this very amusing, yet insightful. :)