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Head Shaving in the Gaza

Updated on April 8, 2013

Hamas, the terrorist organization that hates Israel and the West, has decided to begin an attack, an internal attack upon its own. Well, actually, just about any man who has a Western-like haircut with spiky hair or hippiesh.

Hamas is an Islamic fundamentalist group that promotes its own conservative views since 2007 in the Gaza, who they share with just ordinary Palestinians. Their attacks are on men mostly who look too western in dress or haircut. Groups of them now ride around in jeeps or trucks, much like the Taliban did in Afghanistan, on the outlook for violators. When they find one, they stop and harass them and shave their head as a punishment. If you wear too tight of pants or too low, you become their target.

The cultural attack has began two weeks ago, and about 24 men have been attack and shaved in the Gaza. One man, 19, was painting his house. He has long hair. The police arrived, seized him and left bald. He was also wearing tight fitting pants. He is furious that his freedom is now threatened from within from a group he despises and their government tolerates. He only wants to leave now.

There is more to come to worry Israel. Gaza's parliament is controlled by Hamas, and it was only last week they passed a new education bill mandating there will be no co-ed education after age 9. The prime minister indicated that the rash of hair cutting to impose Islamic law is just an anomaly.

Tell that to anyone attacked. This is just the small beginning. As Hamas becomes stronger it will threatened its own people if they are an extreme Islam believer.


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    • Shinkicker profile image

      Shinkicker 4 years ago from Scotland

      The Gazans have a lot more to worry about than head-shaving. A brutal and illegal 7 year seige by Israel and the threat of more war crimes on their civilian population by US built weapons.

      It would be little wonder that they might hate the west who do nothing to impose international law.