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Healing Scars and Stretch Marks Using Mederma - Product Review

Updated on November 6, 2011

Mederma was the first scar cream that I had ever used. I had gone on a school trip where we had stayed out camping for a week. It was a life-changing experience for me, because on the last night, I was bitten extremely badly by some insect - probably sandflies that were on the beach that we pitched out tents on. None of my friends had that many bites like I had - more than 50 on my legs. And it was terrible. How sweet could one’s blood be?

The next morning when we were back in school, waiting to be picked up by our parents, I remember the unbearable itch that I experienced. It was like needles that were poking and tickling my leg incessantly. The bites had all swollen up into HUGE mosquito-like bites, and I was literally scratching like a dog. For a week, whenever I was out in the sun, my bites would begin to itch like crazy. They were all over my legs, my friends actually remarked “oh man! You look like you have an STD!”


It was really terrible. I was only 15 at that time, and physical education classes were just total torture - not just physically but also for my self esteem. I put plasters to prevent my hands from scratching, and wore rubber gloves to remind myself not to touch them... it was such an impossible task, when the itch is so strong. After a few months, most of the bites had disappeared, although there were about 5 that were still stubbornly haunting me. They were in obvious places, and I never wore shorts or skirts unless I had to.

I would comb the pharmacy to look for new creams - hoping that one would be specifically for scar removal, not just ‘whitening’ cream. One day I found Mederma. It was just under fifty dollars, so as I young student, I had to save up for it. Being so desperate to find a way to heal those scars, it didn’t take long for me to save up fifty bucks. I bought the cream and prayed very hard that it would work.

And my prayer was answered. Mederma took effect really quickly. After a few weeks, my scars were fading away, and in a few months they were barely invisible. It was hard to believe, it was like a huge burden and punch to my self-esteem was finally going to be removed.

Mederma claims to be the doctor’s no. 1 recommendation. I can understand why. Unlike Elicina that is a white odorless cream, Mederma smells very pleasant, and is a light brown cream. Mederma is actually made from Cepalin botanical extract, which is actually from onions, but it does not smell like onions at all!

Mederma is also famous for stretch marks, and many pregnant women swear by Mederma for reducing their unsightly stretch marks. It is recommended that you apply Mederma 3 to 4 times a day, and being a non-greasy gel, it is easily absorbed by the skin. Depending on the angle of the scar, take care when you apply it, as the gel can be a little runny.

Mederma is another gel that I really recommend, alongside Elicina. Both of them have helped me to regain a better sense of normalcy and self-esteem. If you know someone whose social life is affected by a scar, tell them about Mederma and Elicina! Or perhaps buy a tube for them to try it out. It may be a tiny scar, but creams like Mederma do actually bring hope to people once they realize that their scar doesn’t have to be with them forever. Also, for patients who have had accidents or burns, their scars serve as reminders of their emotional pains. Mederma also claims that it can help with burns and surgical scars.

Have you tried using Mederma? Share your story here!


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    • brandasaur profile image

      brandasaur 6 years ago from Planet X

      I have these nasty stretchmarks i want to get rid of. I hope this Mederma helps, this looks good. But i wish our pharmacies here sell it, if i cant find one then ill definitely order one in Ebay :)


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