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Health Benefits of Rice Water

Updated on September 1, 2015
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A graduate of Bachelor of Science in Commerce (Business Management Major), I worked my way through multisectoral exposures.

Rice Water Makes Healthy Skin and Hair

The Use of Rice Water Is Beneficial

Rice Water had proven to have contained many vitamins such Vitamin B1, C and E which makes it a good beautifying agent for our face and body. It also contains minerals and when combined together can help refine our pores, brighten our skin and makes it firm. Rice Water is also good for the hair as it improves the damaged hair tissues. It also serves as sun screen when left on the skin to prevent it from being damaged due to sun rays. Pounded or powdered rice grains can also be used as face mask or body scrub. This will soften and smoothen your screen as it takes off your dead skin cells. It is also a good substitute for your cleanser, toner, mask, scrub, rejuvenator, shampoo and sunscreen. Therefore, it is an all-in-one complete package deal of beauty enhancing and treatment for your face, hair and body .

Aside from beautifying our skin and hair, rice water has also its health benefits when use as drink or soup. Here are some of them.

Because of its high-calorie content, an intake of rice water can energize our whole body system. It also helps in our digestion system; relieves diarrhea and prevents constipation; treat gastroenteritis, prevent cancer and Alzheimer Disease and regulates body temperature and blood pressure.

Preparing Rice Water

Four Processing Ways to Prepare Rice Water for Effective use

The first process is in the use of Rice Water for Skin, Body and Hair.

After the first washing of the rice, set aside the water and residue for the second washing. Let the residue settle for about 30 minutes then you will separate it from the water by gradually pouring the water out to another container to separate the residue. Set the residue aside and use this for your mask, scrub and sunscreen. You use the water for your cleanser, toner and shampoo. You may also some of the rice residue to condition your hair and leave it there for about 15 minutes before rinsing. This will make your hair bouncy and shiny.

The second process is to put extra water in the rice which you are about to cook . As your rice boils, and the liquid is getting thicker, get some extra liquid and save it in a container. This process will give you all the benefits present in the rice. You can either drink it or take as soup. You may also use this to use in your skin and hair.

The third process is done by fermenting the rice water which you had gathered for about a day. Leave it at room temperature until it smells sour. Then boil the rice water over fire to stop the fermentation process. Before boiling the rice water, you must measure the proper concentration so as not to leave your hair too sticky and in lumps when you use it as a shampoo or conditioner later. Now that you are ready to cook it , cook it in a high, steady fire until it boils. When it reach the boiling point, put off the fire to cool the liquid. Wait for a few minute to cool it down then add some essential oil like rosemary. Then you may use it to enhance the condition of your skin and hair.

The last process that we are about to tackle is commonly used by the Japanese. This process is quite delicate since this involves alcohol fermentation. We always thought that alcohol can only give us a headache after each take but never I realized that it can make us beautiful.

The Japanese alcohol called “Nihonshu”has 10 times more amount of amino acid found in it compared to the same amount of comparable drinking liquor. Because of this, it nourishes your hair and skin more than you expect it done. Also found in this drink is Kojic acid and alpha glucosyl glycerol. These ingredients prevents skin discoloring, resulting to a well-toned complexion and suppleness. Alpha glucosyl glycerol is known for promoting collagen production and when mixed with yeast which is also one ingredients found in Nihonsho, serves as a moisturizing agent while the amino acids strengthens your for a more shiny effect. While for those who had baldness problem which is very common in men, Nihonshu contains molecular compound called adenoisine, a common substance found in hair loss medications and believed to promote hair growth. Adenoisine also has its anti-inflammatory effects useful in treatment of a stiff shoulder, a common muscle pain suffered and complained by most .

The intake of Nihonshu raises up the body temperature fighting off chills and improving the blood circulation process while helping to distribute the nutrients quickly throughout the body, reducing stress levels. The regulated circulation also prevent dementia onset.

Rice Water For Skin Care

Additional Amazing Benefits of Rice

Rice is the most-used staple food in many countries especially in Asia and had a wide variety of cooking cuisine developed from cooking rice. However, aside being taken as a main food in the table combines with delicious main dishes, it has its many benefits for us. Here, I will be discussing on some of those benefits in addition to the benefits taken from Rice Water.

Skin Care

Rice bran is beneficial in the prevention of wrinkles early appearance. This could be done by making a facial mask or mud pack using the rice bran. Mixed it with purified water, a little olive oil and apply generously over your skin. Leave it until dry. You may also use the mixture as a scrub by massaging it over your face and body before rinsing it with water and it will leave your complexion glowing and soft to the touch. Rice bran is rich in vitamin E, which is essential in repairing damaged skin cells. It is also rich in linoleic acid, an essential omega 6 fatty acids which helps in quick skin regeneration and is responsible for the skin firmness. Another substance present in the rice bran is Vitamin D and Squalene, a substance which is mostly found in a shark’s liver oil. This is necessary for synthesizing hormones in the body.

Great Variety

There is a numerous variety of rice in the whole world. Each country has its own rice to show to the world. Each one got its own color and look as well as taste. Some rice taste better with some viands and may also be prepared as desserts or appetizers. Some have big grains while others are small. Even the texture varies as some appear glossy. There is also some sticky rice.

Rich In Fibers

Rice is a good source of fibers to help in your indigestion problem. Some rice contain more fibers than other, Polished rice or the one which is reddish-brown in color contains fibers which is 3 times more than that found in white rice. It is also gluten-free and much cheaper compared to other varieties.


Polished Rice is a good source of complex carbohydrates, producing energy which is badly needed by our body. With the mixture of oil as added ingredients to other delicacies taken in with polished rice, increase nutrients level of the body. Most Asian people considered rice as the main part of the menu and the rest of the served food are mere compliments. People who take more rice are more energetic than those who take more protein food.

Prevents Alzheimer’s Disease

Proper intake of rice produce neurotransmitters which fortifies the brain cells and prevents Alzheimer’s disease, Neuro enzymes are also stimulated by the rice intake and serves as antioxidants, releasing toxins to prevent brain injury and dementia onset.

Great Source of Mineral and Vitamin

When you’re looking for an abundant supply of folate, phosphorus and zinc as well as Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, you may look at is in a polished rice. It will surely fortify your bones and immune system. It is also a good source of iron compared to other varieties of rice.

Again, polished rice is a great source of Vitamin B and B complex supplement. Since Vitamin B is water soluble, they are easily lost in our sweat and other body fluid. Hence, we need more of these substances as quickly as we can. Rice is a quick provider of this badly needed substance for out body.

Easy and Quick to Cook

Cooking rice is as simple as washing it and putting it over the fire and can even be cooked by itself if you will use a rice cooker. While you are preparing your viands, no need fussing over your main menu as it does require little of your time and less of your attention. You don’t need culinary expertise to figure out how to cook this part of the meal. Anyone can do this and will benefit from all its health nutrients.

Benefits the Blood

Rice is sure to regulate your sugar level if just taken in proper measurement. Diabetic people must refrain from taking too much of rice for starch when taken in by our body is converted into sugar which is when too much is harmful of a diabetic person. However, when we again talked of polished rice, magnesium is found in it. Magnesium is responsible for the 200 enzymes in our body which is badly needed in the production and regulation of insulin and how glucose is used by the body. It is said that polished rice can help prevent Type 2 Diabetes.

A Healing Remedy

  • In China and Japan, rice is used as an alternative healing.


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