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Health Spa Retreats in India

Updated on September 18, 2016

Health Spa Complex Photo

Vijan Mahal Health Spa JBP
Vijan Mahal Health Spa JBP | Source

Health Spas What Are They?

The earlier health spas were mostly located near hot water springs and mineral water sources. But in recent times the concept has changed, and the modern spas are located anywhere. They are usually associated with five star hotels and resorts. These high tech spas are well equipped with all fitness gadgets and also deliver therapies based on many systems.

In India, the most popular health therapy is the Ayurveda treatment and massage. The system of medicine originated thousands of years back. Based on natural elements this system incorporates different types of treatments and therapies beneficial to human health.

Modern Spas are comprehensive by nature and include all health beneficial facilities. These may be misconstrued as beauty salons but this is a fallacy. The wellness spas are well equipped fitness centers that provide a rejuvenating experience which is holistic.

These wellness centers are associated with the luxury resort premises in remote but picturesque locations. They offer easy access for holiday making while on health improvement course. The spas contain sauna bath facility, gymnasium, Jacuzzi, well regulated pool, yoga deck, massage tables and peripherals. The treatment covers all parts and aspects of the body and is conducted by trained personals.

At many centers a gymnasium is attached to the premises. This is for adding modern exercise regimen to the spa treatment. These workouts are also good for weight reduction.

Yoga is also part of the curriculum in most of the places which is an ancient science for maintaining a healthy body. All the health centers are run and managed by professionals with the guidance of trained instructors and practitioners.

Modern Spa

Modern Spa in India
Modern Spa in India | Source

Spa Retreats

Spa Image

Spa Center
Spa Center

Natural Treatments

Though Ayurveda treatments are very popular, the Western concepts are also being introduced in India. The introduction of ozone and oxygen treatments by Sohum Spa offers new scope for rejuvenation therapies in the country.

The programs are comprehensive and include health treatment, a fitness and dietary regime, massage, yoga and meditation. The body treatments use Ayurveda oils, mud packs, water, minerals, herbal extracts, medicinal clay, modern medicines and so on.

Types of Therapies

  • Balneotherapy : Involves bathing in hot and cold water containing sulfur, radium, silica and selenium. The next step is a relaxing mineral rich streams near the spa.
  • Body/Mud Wraps : The skin is covered in mud derived usually from rivers and mineral spas. Mud baths along with other beneficial wraps are supposed to sweat and detoxify the body for rejuvenation.
  • Hydrosoak Therapy: Since water is the major constituent of our body, it is used in a therapeutic manner in this case. The body is immersed in an admixture of water, milk, honey, floral and fruit extracts.
  • Ozone Therapy : This method consists of injecting ozone in various liquid mixture through openings in the body as well as regular injections. This treatment purports to enhance the oxygen level in the body in order to cure many serious disorders.
  • Aromatherapy: Variety of essential oils, aromatic compounds are offered in conjunction with other therapies as a healing touch. The treatment certainly imparts a feeling of general well being.
  • Facials
  • Skin Refinement
  • Rejuvenation Therapy
  • Hair treatments
  • Massage
  • Body envelopment
  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Exfoliation
  • Eye Trea+tments
  • Waxing
  • Weight Loss

The treatments accorded here are in consonance with nature. Hence the therapies are also called naturopathy. This form of treatments aims at many aspects of mind and body and the maladies that lie in the system.

Video of Health Spa

Spa Photo

Massage Oils
Massage Oils
Modern Spa
Modern Spa

Top Rated Spas in India

Madhubhan Spa Resort: based in the district of Anand near Ahmadabad City of Gujarat. It is an upscale luxury resort and spa. The well equipped wellness center is popular among the tourists for its therapies and treatments.

The spa resort is popular venue for celebrity weddings as well. Madhubhan offers comprehensive packages for all inclusive experience of the boutique resort.

Ananda Spa: Set amidst the backdrop of picturesque snow clad Himalayan Ranges this super luxury spa is unique. It is built on the Maharajah's sprawling estate which makes it an ideal place to meditate. The center offers various health treatments based on Ayurveda.

Maya Spa: Situated on Kerala Backwaters this spa impresses with its tranquil surroundings and verdant greenery. The health spa offers both Oriental and western forms of treatments to its clients. The spa resort has ideally located Yoga and Meditation Center on the back drop of Kerala Backwaters at Vembanad Lake.

Serena Spa: Situated on a tranquil beach, the magnificent panoramic splendor of its sea view surroundings makes it enchanting. This luxury Goan resort and spa offers wide variety of treatments and massage.

Amatrra Spa: Situated in a New Delhi posh colony of Chankyapuri this boutique resort excels in Astroayruveda a mix of ancient Indian astrology and Ayurvedic science. It has received many awards and is recognized by Forbes magazine as one of the top ten spas in India.

Vijan Mahal Health Spa: it is a cut above the rest the facilities and therapies provided are most effective in getting the results. Based in Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh in India the Spa is also equipped with equipped gymnasium and full size swimming pool.

There are many other Indian health spas that cater to wellness industry. The traditional treatments based on Ayurveda are the most popular in India. The spas are well equipped with the state of art technology and modern facilities. The lifestyle boutique resorts are also popular among holiday makers and as top rated Indian wedding venues.

Natural Spa Treatment Video

Types of Massages available in India

Besides Ayurveda many popular massages are available in Indian spas. The purpose is to relax the muscles and rejuvenate both the mind and body.

Swede Massage

This uses blend of oils to deliver deeply relaxing and healing experience. It is ideally suited for mitigating muscle soreness and stimulating the blood vascular system.

Indian Massage

Indian or Ayruvedic massages are characterized by the use of long strokes with warm herb infused sesame oil. This is beneficial in relaxing the muscles, rejuvenating mind and the body. The herbal infusions also assist in detoxification of various internal organs.

French Massage

This is characterized by aroma oils from global bio-reserves, which are blended with anti-oxidant rich base oils. This provides a gentle soothing experience which relaxes your muscles and soothes the nerve endings.


This Ayurvedic therapy uses medicated herbal oils which are poured delicately onto the fore head. This takes you to a deep peaceful state of mind akin to meditation Shirodhara improves memory, reduces stress, mitigates sinusitis and migraine.


This is an ancient scalp therapy used in India. The strokes on the forehead waver in their intensity from rapid to a gentle massage. Champi increases blood circulation, nourishes the scalp and relieves mental tension. This is available all over the country and is part of ritual at the local barber's shop. Many a time oil is used to nourish the scalp.

Sohum Signature Massage

Sohum signature integrates massage with acupressure techniques. This massage affects deep muscle tissue, facials and muscles. Recommended only for those who require deep bodywork to undo muscle knots and dissolve fibrous tissue.

Oriental Hand or Foot Reflexology 30 minutes / Rs 999

45 minutes / Rs 1499

Recognized by the ancient civilizations of Egypt, China and India and perfected by the healers of Siam, enjoy this relaxing and pampering treatment for tired hands and feet. Here application of pressure point massage stimulate the reflex points on your hands and feet that correspond to the various internal organs. Effective even to this day to relieve muscle fatigue after a long journey or a tiring day.

Meru 30 minutes / Rs 999

This therapy based on ancient Indian healing science uses the knowledge that a flexible and tension free back is the back bone for bodily alignment. Melt into total relaxation as expert therapists dissolve the tension stored in the muscles of the back and leave you feeling energized and refreshed.

Massage Photo

Massage Table
Massage Table | Source

Spa General Impression

The spas around the World have created a general impression that they are limited to upscale clients. But this is not true, economical spas are available in plenty. Some spas that offer Ayurveda treatments do not use modern gadgetry hence are less pricey,

Many of the centers are also wellness centers that prescribe diet control and exercise for better health. In such centers a week long program or more is required in an in house accommodation. The wellness centers also assist in maintaining proper healthy lifestyle forever.;.

Many popular health spa retreats with massage centers in India follow a deep tradition which does not require any sophistication. However use of traditional oils, pastes and herbs can be costly hence the price cannot decrease beyond the point.

There are large number of traditional resorts in Kerala that offer massage and other treatments to visitors on holiday. These places are visited en-route as well by inbound tourists visiting the state on beach or wildlife holidays.

Health Food

Apart from regular massage, exercise and therapies the wellness spas also regulate diet. These are usually for resident clients. The diet prescribed contains fruits, vegetables and juices. Consuming all kind of caffeinated beverages, tobacco and alcohol is discouraged. Exceptions like green tea are encouraged. The aim is to reduce weight, cholesterol and strengthen the immune system.

Many popular health spas provide accommodations within the premises. This enables outsiders to stay for a stipulated period while undergoing treatment.

Abstinence and fasting is also prescribed in order to detoxify the body. Most of the regimen are conducted by expert trainers for positive effects.

© 2012 Uday Patel


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