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Heart Pendants: Ideal First Jewelry for Girls

Updated on August 9, 2010

If you are looking for a gift for a girl, starting her jewelry collection with a heart pendant can be a meaningful one. Heart pendants are popular with women and girls of all ages, and come in a variety of sizes, styles, and materials. Here are some tips for picking out the perfect heart pendant

1. Choose the material

Heart pendants come in all materials, from gold to silver to various metal alloys. Just like picking out any jewelry, you will want to consider the wear and lifespan you expect the heart pendant to have. If you want something that your girl will have her entire life, then choose yellow gold, white gold, or sterling silver (platinum is also a good choice if your budget allows). These are metals that will not discolor with time if cared for properly. A heart pendant will likely suffer less wear than a ring would, for instance, but you will still want to consider durability and the activity level of the girl. Sterling silver is more durable and will stand up to harder use than many other materials. If, on the other hand, you would rather wait until the girl is older and more responsible before entrusting her with precious metals, other metal alloys can be less expensive.

2. Choose the size

The size of the heart pendant you choose will depend upon the age, size, and preferences of the girl you are giving it to. If you are giving it to a small child, pick a size that will be neither too big nor small enough to get lost easily. An older child may prefer a larger pendant. Consider the size of the chain as well—choose a thick and durable chain that is not likely to break. Also, be sure that the chain you choose will be long enough to hang around the girl’s neck comfortably, but not so long that it will get caught on things and possibly break.

3. Choose the style

Heart pendants come in an endless number of styles. Some have diamonds or other jewels embedded in them. Some are shaped very traditionally and symmetrically, while others may be more abstract. You can get some heart pendants with earrings to match, and others that commemorate special occasions, such as birthdays. If you wear jewelry yourself, consider looking for matching heart pendant necklaces for you and the girl. Pick a style that matches the clothing and preferences of the girl, and she will be sure to wear it often.

Image Credit: gorgiabotin, Flickr


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