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Heart Rings

Updated on June 3, 2013

Almost from time immemorial, rings have been used to signify love, devotion, and fidelity. You give the person you are going to marry a ring as a sign of your devotion to him or her and to make the promise that you will be forever joined together in the adventure of marriage. Then, of course, you give that person another ring on the day of marriage that acts as a symbol of everlasting fidelity and commitment. The reasons rings have come to represent such love are many and varied, but surely their round shape—the shape of the entire world, the shape of eternity, the shape people make with their arms when they embrace another—all go into the special place rings hold in our culture.

Of course, just as symbolic of love and affection is the shape of the heart, or at least the shape we have come to accept as representing the heart. Hearts adorn our valentines, we draw them on our notes to loved ones, we give each other heart candies and earrings and boxes of chocolate. Quite naturally then, one of the most potent symbols of love combine these two powerful symbols, that of the ring and that of the heart. In fact, heart rings, rings fashioned into the shape of a heart or with precious stones cut into heart shapes, are one of the most popular gifts given between two people. These heart rings signify devotion, friendship, and love.

Heart rings
Heart rings

Types of Heart Rings

There are as many varieties of heart rings as there are types of people in the world. So popular are heart rings, whether bought for another person or for yourself, that jewelry makers come up with endless variations on this style of ring to fit any person or for any occasion. There are, however, a few basic types of heart rings that you can purchase for that very special someone.

Of course, heart rings are a special gift that people give to one another to signify the start of an engagement to be married. This type of heart ring is often set with a diamond or other precious stone such as an emerald or ruby that has been cut into the shape of a heart. Sometimes these hearts are faceted to shine and sparkle in the light and sometimes they are smooth and lustrous, with a deeply glowing color of red, green, or blue. These engagement heart rings are pieces of jewelry that will be worn for a lifetime and will constitute one of a person’s most prized possessions.

Another type of heart ring that is given among lovers or friends to signify a long lasting bond are those rings in which the metal itself has been fashioned into the shape of a heart or hearts. These heart rings are often made of silver, gold, or platinum, and can be simple and elegant in design or more ornate, if such is your style. Gold or silver is a prized metal for ring making because it can be bent easily and gracefully into many shapes, including hearts. Some metal heart rings utilize these metal properties to create winding heart shapes on the ring. A single heart to symbolize the bond of two people as one is a popular design as are double hearts entwined together on the ring. Yet another style of heart ring is that which consists of a single band of metal into which the shape of a heart has been cut. These heart rings are sometimes used in the ceremony of marriage to indicate the beginning of a life lived together.

Sizing Heart Rings

Of course, when you purchase a heart ring, whether for yourself or for a loved one, you will want to make sure that you purchase a ring that will fit perfectly. You do not want a heart ring that is too big and might slip off the finger and get lost. On the other hand, a ring that is too small will be uncomfortable and might even get stuck on the finger. A too small ring can start to cut off the blood circulation to the finger.

There are two simple ways to determine the correct ring size. The first way to figure proper heart ring size is to compare a ring already worn by yourself or someone else with a ring size chart. Most jewelry stores have these simple charts that you can use and now they are readily available on the Internet as well. All you need do is hold the existing ring up to the chart to see which size of ring it matches. This way of sizing a heart ring is perfect when you want to keep the purchase a secret because the person you will give the ring to does not need to be present to get the right sized ring.

The other way to correctly size a heart ring is to use a finger size strip. This strip is marked with various ring sizes along its length and is wrapped around the finger to indicate the correct size ring that should be purchased. This is a simple way to ensure a ring will fit just right. Again, these finger strips can be found at any jewelry store or can be downloaded from the Internet and printed out to use at home.

Once you know you or your sweetheart’s ring size, then its off to the jewelers or the Internet to find the perfect heart ring to commemorate your love and devotion. Heart rings are the perfect piece of jewelry to symbolize the love between two people.


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